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Tracking my sleep with S+ by ResMed

April 14, 2017

Sleep tracker

I travel a lot and work shifts so I often struggle to get enough sleep. I have been trying out a sleep tracker called S+ by ResMed to see if it can help me get a better nights sleep. This is the worlds first non contact sleep tracking system. I’ve seen a lot of sleep tracking bracelets but I wouldn’t find wearing these comfortable at night. I’ve also tried using Jawbone to track my sleep but this isn’t very accurate. It tells me I’ve had 8 hours sleep even if I’ve woken up a few times in the night. This tracker has been a lot more accurate and provides me with a lot more information.

Sleep tracker Resmed

What it does

  • Measures light and temperature of room
  • Breakdown of light, REM and deep sleep
  • Offers tips on how to get a better nights sleep
  • Option to relax to sleep with calming sounds
  • Can use mind clear feature to write down any thoughts or to do lists that might keep you from falling asleep

Sleep tracker S+

How to use

  • Place tracker on bedside table facing your chest
  • Download the ResMed app
  • Connect phone to tracker with Bluetooth
  • The tracker has an extra USB socket to charge your phone so it doesn’t run of out battery during the night
  • Once plugged in a red light will appear on the tracker
  • Click on sleep button
  • Answer questions on how stressed you were in the day, caffeine intake, alcohol intake and exercise
  • Light on tracker will go off
  • Once awake click stop tracking then sync

S+ by Resmed sleep tracker

Every time you log your sleep the tracker will give you some personalised tips on how to improve next time.


I was able to see what days I got the most sleep which is always the days I have off work. My aim is to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at a similar time. The tracker shows it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep which is a long time. I’ll be trying some of the tips and avoiding going on my phone or laptop straight before bed as the light can have an affect on your sleep.

I did have a few issues with using the tracker. Twice during the night the light on the tracker and my phone came on waking me up. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the tracker or something going wrong with my phone. I normally turn my phone off when I go to sleep and my phones been playing up recently. It’s been fine the rest of the time so I’ll keep using it.

I have learnt a lot about my sleeping habits and this tracker is helping me to make sleep a priority. It makes such a difference to my day when I get a good nights sleep!

Sleep Tracker Resmed

Have you used a sleep tracker before?

*Disclaimer I was sent the S+ by ResMed to review*

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    So interesting. I imagine it can be helpful for those who have difficulty sleeping.

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