Travel Insurance, Do You Need It?

January 9, 2018

When planning a holiday it can be very easy to forget about travel insurance as you can travel anywhere in the world without it. However if you don’t take out insurance and something goes wrong it can end up costing a lot of money. There are plenty of different policies you can take out, some cover the bare minimum and others cover everything. If you are travelling for a long period of time or participating in sports and skiing then it might be best to get a policy which covers everything. Rigby Financial can help you find the right cover for you and your family.

Travel insurance Rigby Financial Here is what travel insurance can cover

  • Medical treatment – Without travel insurance medical treatment abroad can be very expensive. Some countries may not be able to do the treatment and you’ll have to be flown back to the UK, the insurance should cover this too.
  • Trip cancellation – You never know what could go wrong before your holiday, there could be a family emergency or something urgent at work. That would mean you loose a lot of money on flights and accommodation.
  • Travel delay – Maybe your airport transfer doesn’t turn up or there’s a lot of traffic and you miss your flight. Travel insurance will be able to pick this bill up for you.
  • Sports and activities – Make sure the insurer knows about any water sports or winter sports that you will be participating in. If the insurer doesn’t know your planning on doing these, they won’t pay out if anything goes wrong.
  • Smartphone, cash and baggage – a good policy will cover you for the loss or theft of your cash and possessions. If your baggage goes missing they will also cover the cost of buying some short term essential items.

Do you need travel insurance?

Majority of the time you’ll go away on holiday and you won’t need to use your travel insurance, however there’s always a risk that you will. It’s worth getting at least a basic coverage so that your protected if you need to get medical treatment. Most of the basic travel insurances don’t cost very much but could end up saving you a fortune. Make sure you read the policy thoroughly so you know exactly what you are covered for.

Travel Insurance Rigby Financial*This post is sponsored, all opinions remain my own. Photos from Pexels*

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