Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar London

January 19, 2018

Alcotraz London 

Last Friday a group of bloggers and I spent the evening at the Alcotraz bar in Brick Lane. It’s an immersive experience based on the famous prison Alcatraz in San Francisco. It originally started out as a pop up in September 2017 but has now become a permanent venue.

The bar

Upon arrival you are ordered to put on an orange jumpsuit with individual prison numbers on them. You meet the guards and a priest then you are put into a cell, each cell holds up to 6 cell mates. The entire venue holds up to 40 people and some people didn’t get put in a cell they were seated at the bar area.

Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar London The prisoners (mixologists) then come over to get your alcohol, they then go to the bar to make your group a cocktail with this. You get four rounds of drinks throughout the evening, our group managed to smuggle in vodka, gin and whisky. Each cocktail tasted really good my favourite one was the passion fruit daiquiri.

Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar London

During the evening the guards will check your cells for contraband. We were summoned over to the wall and were told that we had to improve our behaviour. If we didn’t improve Mr Freeman the priest said he’d get the Lord involved. The guards and Mr Freeman were really funny throughout the evening and made this experience enjoyable. Each sentence at Alcotraz lasts 1hr 45 minutes and the time went really fast as we were having so much fun.

Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar LondonI’d recommend going, although it costs £33 each and you have to bring your own alcohol so it is fairly pricey but it’s such a fun and unique thing to do. It’s best to bring a base spirit with you such as vodka, gin, rum or whisky. They recommend bringing a 70cl bottle to share between 2 people.

Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar London

Find out more about Alcotraz here

Alcotraz Prison Theme Cocktail Bar London


Alcotraz Penitentiary

212 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA

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*Thanks to Alcotraz and Love London Pop Ups for organising this*

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