Prepping For Your Road Trip With The Right Tyres

March 2, 2018

Road trips are always fun, you have the freedom to go wherever you want. Before you depart on your road trip it’s important to check your car is safe to drive.  If you’re travelling in a different country or in extreme weather conditions you need to make sure that you have the correct tyres. This becomes very important at this time of year as the roads are starting to get icy. Tyre Plus are experts at finding and fitting the right tyres for your car. Below is a guide of what tyres you need depending on when and where you are travelling.

Finding the right tyres

Winter travel

Winter tyres are designed to provide added grip in snow and ice. Most UK cars are fitted with summer tyres as standard. If you are travelling somewhere snowy then it’s worth getting some winter tyres. The tyres are designed to work best in cold weather conditions below 7 degrees Celsius. The characteristics of the tyre mean that you have a better grip on the road and a significantly improved braking distance.

Summer travel

Summer tyres generally perform well on wet and dry road surfaces.

All season travel

All season tyres will  combine the benefits of summer and winter tyres for year-round performance. If changing your summer tyres for winter tyres each season is too much hassle for you then all-season tyres would be ideal. These tyres are great in all weather conditions from ice and light snow to wet and dry surfaces.

Adventure travel

If your heading on an adventurous trip in a 4×4 then you’ll need all terrain tyres. These tyres cope well with hilly and slippery conditions. The tyres will still provide you will a smooth ride on standard roads.

Runflat tyres

These tyres won’t deflate straight away if you get a puncture or loss of pressure. Run flat tyres still need air but have strengthened reinforced sidewalls that temporarily maintain the shape of the tyre in the event of a blow out. This means the tyre can be driven on for a short time allowing the driver to reach a safe place to stop or their local garage for replacement.

Reinforced tyres

These tyres are ideal if your carrying heavy loads in a van or people carrier. The tyres are highly robust and damage resistant. The material they are made from does not flex under pressure.

Right Tyres for a road trip

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