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Lock’d Escape Rooms

March 14, 2018

Last week, four friends and I visited Lock’d escape rooms in Bermondsey. Escape rooms are a lot fun, they are live-action puzzles which are timed and can be challenging. You enter a room, the door shuts and you’re trapped, you then have an hour to find clues and solve the puzzles to escape from the room. Lock’d currently has 3 escape rooms to choose from, we got to try out Grandpa’s Last Will and Pepetuum Mobile, read on to see how we found the rooms.

Grandpa’s Last Will

This room is suitable for beginners, I’ve been to one escape room before but still found this room interesting and challenging.

Mara who worked there was really friendly, she told us some information about the room before entering and handed us a walkie talkie to use if we got stuck and needed a clue. The story behind the room is that a wealthy entrepreneur and traveller called Neil Morgan has died. He’s left millions of pounds for you in his will. The problem is you’ve only got 60 minutes to find this before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing.

We were then locked into the room with a countdown timer on the wall. This room is dimly lit, with a desk in the corner, some books, a wardrobe and some old fashioned music playing in the background. It’s very antique and exactly how you’d imagine a Grandpa’s study to look. We immediately started looking around the room and opening drawers to find clues. Some of the clues are easier to find than others. You’ll need to find a lot of numbers to unlock the safes and you’ll also need to find some keys. Half way through we got a bit stuck so asked for a clue which helped us to unlock a safe.

I really enjoyed this room, it took us a while to figure out some of the clues and there were a few surprises along the way. It took us 53 minutes to escape.

Perpetuum Mobile 

Luckily for us no one was in the Perpetuum Mobile room so we got to try this room out too.

The story for this room is that in one hour the world will be plunged into eternal darkness. The only one who can save the world is you. Professor Richter, the man with the knowledge on how to save the world, has disappeared. The answer on how to save the world lies within the mysterious crystals left behind in the lab.

We entered this room and turned over a sand timer to count down an hour. The room is full of lab equipment, a desk and photos on the wall. The room has safes to unlock with numbers and keys to find. This room was a lot more challenging than Grandpa’s Last Will. There’s a lot more scientific information and technology used in this room too. We had a few issues with the technology at the end but when the issues were sorted out the ending was pretty impressive.


We really enjoyed Lock’d escape rooms, I personally preferred Grandpa’s Last Will as I really liked one of the surprises in there. If you’re a beginner then go for the Grandpa’s Last Will room but if you’ve been to a few before then have a go at the Perpetuum Mobile. This room will also appeal to any science fans and it was a lot more technological than the other room. They also have another room called Museum Warehouse where you have to try and stop a theft in the museum. They’re even planning on expanding and opening new rooms in a different location so keep an eye on the Lock’d escape rooms website.

Have you been to an escape room before?

*Disclaimer – We received complimentary entry in exchange for this review, all opinions remain my own*

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Days Out London

Breakin Escape Rooms London – Butcher’s Lair

January 23, 2018

Breakin Escape Rooms London

I’d wanted to try an escape room for ages so when the opportunity came up to visit one I immediately said yes. Last Tuesday after work I went to the Breakin Escape Rooms with 5 other bloggers.
 Breakin Escape Rooms London - Enjoy the Adventure
We arrived 15 minutes before it started as advised on the website, upon arrival we were taken to the waiting area where they had lockers to store your belongings in. There were also a few other groups waiting as they have different rooms available. Our group was in the Butcher’s Lair room which is perfect for any Horror movie fans. The room is based on a fictional serial killer Dr Vladimir Knifesblade. The other rooms include Blackwing’s Cave, Sherlock’s Despair, The Flying Dutchman, War on Horizon Alpha, and Heist Plan. I’m really keen to try out the Sherlock room at some point. All of the rooms are ideal for groups of 3-6 people. Find out more about them here, you can also see what difficulty level they are.
The guy working there then explained a bit more about what we were about to do. Each group was given one walkie talkie. He let us know that we had an hour to escape and can ask for clues and on average groups ask for 5 clues. We were also told to be careful with the props in the room and not to break stuff.
Entering Butcher’s Lair reminded me a bit of the movie Saw, there was blood splattered across the room and lots of severed limbs. I won’t tell you too much more about the room as I don’t want to give any clues away about how to escape.

Did we get out in time?

We didn’t make it out within the hour, but we were given a clue at the end and managed to get out. So we did make it out, just 5 minutes too late. The other girls that I was with had done a few other escape rooms before and said this one was a lot harder than others they’d done.

Overall thoughts 

I really enjoyed this experience, it very cleverly done. Some of the clues were easier than others. Near the end it got a lot harder, I’d be surprised if people managed to do it without asking for clues. One thing I would have liked was to find out a bit more about the story behind the room either in the waiting room or when we entered.
Overall I had a brilliant evening and I’m now really keen to try out some other escape rooms!
Escape rooms are great places to go with friends, groups or for team building activities with work.

Breakin Escape Rooms London - Enjoy the Adventure

Breakin escape rooms

Holloway road

Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington 
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*Thanks to Love London Pop Ups & Breakin Escape rooms for this experience*
Days Out UK

Gin Festival Guildford

October 23, 2017

Last month I attended my first ever Gin Festival in Guildford. This festival takes place in loads of places across the UK such as London, Leeds and Manchester. It’s an afternoon or evening of drinking loads of gin, enjoying music and gin masterclasses. If you get hungry they have some great street food options to tuck into.

Gin Festival Review - Enjoy the AdventureOn arrival you receive a lovely gin glass which is yours to take home with you. A gin explorer booklet which has all the gins on offer and whether it is at bar A, B,C or D. It also recommends which tonic to add to it, they had a bar in the middle where you could top up with different flavours of Fever Tree tonics.

You also have the opportunity to sample some gins at the stalls. The festival has a cashless system where you go up to the top up station scan your wristband and top up your wristband. It costs £5 for one gin and tonic or £10 for a cocktail.

Gin Festival Review - Enjoy the Adventure

Gin Festival Review - Enjoy the Adventure

Gin Festival Review - Enjoy the Adventure

Gin Festival Review - Enjoy the AdventureMy favourite drink was the Pinkster gin which was garnished with mint and raspberry this had a soft fruity flavour. My boyfriend Sam went for the Tinker gin flavoured with botanical such as elderberries and garnished with pears, this was fruity with a smooth aftertaste. I also tried a Fuddled Daisy Cocktail served with prosecco and lemon. Sam had the Boe Violet gin with floral notes of lavender and berries, this reminded me of the parma violet sweets.

The festival had a free photo booth so you could take home a Polaroid of you and your friends to remember the day. It’s also possible to buy a bottle of the gins you enjoyed. The Gin Festival was a really fun event with a buzzing atmosphere. The gin festivals can sell out quite fast so if your a gin fan I’d definitely recommend getting tickets.

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*I was a press guest of Gin Festival but all opinions remain my own*
Days Out UK

Arundel Castle, West Sussex

July 2, 2017

Last month, Mum and I went for a day trip to Arundel Castle. We had such a nice time exploring the old medieval castle and wandering around the beautiful gardens.

The restored medieval castle is based in Arundel in West Sussex. Founded at the end of the 11th century the castle was originally home to the Dukes of Norfolk. I was unable to take photos of inside the castle as photography is not permitted there, but the architecture’s lovely and is worth a look around.

I would definitely recommend visiting the gardens too. There’s lots of different areas to explore such as the rose garden and glass houses. My favourite area was the collector earls garden. This garden is full of pretty flowers, water fountains and a unique floating crown.

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogArundel Castle, West Sussex - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogGetting Here

Address: Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9AB

  • Pay and display car park opposite the castle
  • 1 hr 20 mins from London Victoria to Arundel station
  • 10 min walk to castle from Arundel station

Prices start from £11.00 with options to pay more to see all of the rooms, it costs £20.00 to see everything.

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Days Out Travelpost UK

East London Liquor Company Gin Tour & Tasting

May 25, 2017

Last week I headed to the East London Liquor company for a fun Gin tasting event. The event was in collaboration with UNiDAYS and Virgin Experience Days. Keep reading for a 20% off discount code for Virgin Experience Days at the bottom of this post!

Gin Tasting

I’ve been wine tasting before but never been in a distillery for gin tasting so this was pretty exciting. Alex our host took me and the other bloggers down to the cellar. Going down the stairs you’re hit with a super strong smell of alcohol! The cellar was full with ageing whisky casks, we each took a seat at the bar and our first tasting drink was vodka. I’m not a huge vodka fan so didn’t enjoy this that much and definitely felt the burning sensation you get when you drink strong spirits.

We then moved onto my favourite part the London dry gins! Alex told us information on the spirits and some of the ingredients. The ingredients included juniper, lavender and cardamom and many more. We passed some of the ingredients around the room to smell. You could smell the juniper in the gins that we tasted. I enjoyed tasting the gins as they had a botanical fruity taste to them. Gin Batch No.1 had pink grapefruit peel and Darjeeling tea this gin in it and would be great in a gin sour cocktail. The London dry gin was my fave! It has a fresh taste with flavours of citrus making it perfect for a gin and tonic. The last spirit we tried was a navy strength rum. Navy strength is a rum with over 57% alcohol, the alcohol was made strong to make it gunpowder proof. By the end of the tasting we were getting used to the spirits so didn’t feel the burn as much. We then headed back upstairs for a cheeky gin and tonic.

I had a great time at this event and this experience would be a great present for any gin lovers!

What’s included

  • A visit to a trendy London distillery
  • A gin and tonic
  • Several tastings, including East London Liquor Company’s British Wheat vodka and rum, as well as three world gins
  • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card


UNiDAYS is a discount website and app for students. When I was a student I used it a lot for discount on clothes such as on Missguided and ASOS. They also have a lot of great discounts for restaurants. It’s quick and free to sign up, you can check out there website here.

App store Apple

App store Google

Discount Code

Below is a code for students to get 20% off Virgin Experience days. They have so many amazing days out with plenty of things to do in London. They have the view from the shard, afternoon tea and up at the O2 experience.

Click here for 20% off

Getting here

The East London Liquor company is located in Bow Wharf in an old glue factory.

It’s a 13 minute walk from Mile end tube station.

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*In collaboration with UNiDAYS & Virgin Experience Days*



Days Out Travelpost UK

See Your City Harry Potter London Walking Tour

May 23, 2017

The Walking Tour

I love walking tours and Harry Potter so thought I’d try out the See your City Harry Potter walking tour in London. We started the walking tour outside the Palace theatre where they are currently showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’d love to see this but its super expensive and is selling out really fast!

See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureOur tour guide came round with a hat and asked everyone to pick out a card to allocate which house they would be in. We then were asked Harry Potter questions throughout the day to see which house would win. I was in the Slytherin house but we didn’t get many points.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureWe then set off exploring the filming locations in London.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureSee your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureMagic Money – Harry Potter notes.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the Adventure

See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureThe tour ended at Kings Cross Station where you can get your photo taken outside platform 9 3/4 but there was a massive queue and I didn’t want to wait an hour. I’ll try go back early one morning when the queues less busy.

I really enjoyed the walking tour, our guide was very knowledgeable and funny!

Tour Times

Departs at : Tues & Fri @ 2pm, Sat – Sun @ 10:30am & 2pm

This tour lasts 2 hours.

There was a stop on the tube so make sure you bring your Oyster card or contactless card.

See your city have a bunch of other walking tours which all look pretty good such as a ghost walking tour and a coffee tour.

Check out the walking tours here –

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*Thank you to See Your City for inviting me along*