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Cranes Cider Review

September 14, 2017

I absolutely love cider I always have it in pubs or at bbqs. I have been trying out Cranes cider, they have 3 flavours to choose from Cranberry & Lime, Blueberry & Apple and Raspberry & Pomegranate.

Cranes Cider

The brand Cranes was developed by identical twin brothers Ben and Dan. At University they enjoyed socialising and drinking but wanted to find a drink that wasn’t full of sugar but still tasted great. They managed to develop a naturally light cranberry based cider with 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders.

The brand name came about by their Dad doing some research and discovering that cranberries used to be called crane-berries after the small, pink blossoms which resemble the head and bill of the Sandhill Crane.

Cranberry & Lime

This drink is refreshing with the perfect balance of sweet and tart, ideal for a sunny afternoon.

Cranberries & Lime Cranes CiderBlueberry & Apple

This has a lovely crisp flavour and is sweet without being sickly, a perfect drink for a bbq.

Blueberries & Apple Cranes CiderRaspberry & Pomegranate 

This is my favourite one it’s the sweetest of the bunch, but not overpoweringly so. Accompanied with some ice this makes a delicious fruity treat.
Raspberries & Pomegranates Cranes Cider
 All 3 ciders were light and didn’t leave you feeling bloated afterwards. They were also sweet but not sickly sweet like some ciders can be. If you like fruity ciders then you should definitely give Cranes a try.
Check out Cranes ciders here
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Secret Food Tours Berlin

August 8, 2017

The best way to explore the history, culture and food across Berlin is with a food tour! Secret Food Tours have a range of tours across Europe and the USA including Paris, Barcelona, Rome, New York and many more.

This is so much more than a food tour, it’s a chance to learn about the past and present culture of Berlin, our tour guide Margot was brilliant giving us insider tips and showing us some amazing street art along the way.

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureI can’t spoil the locations of the tour as you’ll have to go experience this for yourself but here are some foodie photos to make your mouth water.

The Food

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureOur first stop was a doner kebab, normally I’m not a fan of these but I loved this one. The chicken was really succulent and went well with the creamy sauce and salad. At most of the stops you have the option to get a drink such as a beer, wine or soft drink.

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureOur next stop we had spaetzle, this is very similar to mac and cheese, it tasted amazing so rich and creamy and topped with crunchy onions.

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureWe stopped for some tasty candied nuts

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureNext up is the infamous currywurst, we went to a butchers which had loads of German builders sat outside, you can always tell it’s good quality when locals eat there.

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureThe schnitzel is delicious!

Secret Food Tours Berlin - Enjoy the AdventureLast but not least is the German cheesecake which was delicious!

If you have any allergies or preferences these can be catered for, also if your too full like I was near the end you can always ask for smaller portions. The price for the tour is reasonable for the amount of food and drink you get. I highly recommend this tour and if your a foodie fan looking for the best spots in Berlin then this 3 hour tour is perfect for you.

To check out the tours click here

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*Thanks to Secret Food Tours for inviting me to this tour, all opinions remain my own*

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Italian cooking class with Obby

July 11, 2017


Obby is a website listing a whole selection of different classes, courses and workshops in London.  All of the classes look really fun, they are a great way to try something new and meet like minded people! Ranging from cocktail making, photography, floristry and cheese tasting to jewellery making, calligraphy and lollipop making, there are so many options to choose from. There is something for all ages and interests, they would all make great gifts for the whole family to enjoy. Recently, I was invited to try out the Italian cooking class which I was very excited about!

Emma’s Kitchen Simple Italian Cooking Class

The class is based in Emma’s home, immediately upon entering you feel so welcome. Emma’s so friendly and engages with everyone in the class making us all feel included. We started the night off with some nibbles and prosecco or wine, which were always topped up thanks to Emma’s husband and friend who were there to help out during the class.

Emma goes through how to cook each dish and get’s people to help out with chopping and mixing etc. You can get involved or watch how its done, it’s up to you how much you want to join in. We made an amazing selection of dishes including gnocchi with pesto, Neopolitan meatball, Italian lamb with potato garlic and rosemary, spaghetti vongole, chicken paillard with rocket and lemon and also a risotto carbonara. All the dishes tasted amazing my favourites were the gnocchi with pesto and the Neopolitan meatballs. I’m going to attempt to make my own pesto at home and I’ll also be trying out the risotto carbonara as it looked pretty easy to make. I’d definitely recommend this class. I learnt so much and it’s inspired me to make a lot more Italian dishes at home.

Discount Code

Enter discount code : ENJOYTHEADVENTURES10 to receive £10 off your next class

Check out the classes at –

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The Polish Bakery Review

July 9, 2017

Recently I got to try out some products from the Polish Bakery. Having never been to Poland, I was intrigued to sample some Polish breads and cheesecake. Here is some more info about the bakery:

The Polish Bakery

The Polish Bakery is an award winning family business, founded 14 years ago in London. Making them the oldest Polish bakery in Britain. They use traditional recipes with an authentic Polish taste, placing great importance on the quality of their products.

This Year The Polish Bakery won three Business Awards including the title of West London Company of the Year, Park Royal Business Awards and Park Royal Food company of the Year. They began in independent stores throughout London and grew rapidly to the point where they are now supplying nationwide to Asda, Waitrose, Tesco Sainsbury and Morrisons.

The Polish Bakery

Chia seed bread

This bread was my favourite, it tastes great toasted! It’s also good for a sandwich or with some soft cheese. Chia seeds are considered a ‘superfood’ so it’s full of nutrients.

  • Rich in omega 3 acids
  • High in fibre
  • Loaded with antioxidants

The Polish Bakery Bread

Rye bread with prunes

I’m not a massive fan of rye bread I think its too hard and chewy. However I did like the addition of prunes in this bread, it added an extra bit of taste making it more enjoyable.

  • Yeast free
  • Natural sourdough
  • Good source of energy

The Polish Bakery Bread

Vienna Cheesecake

This was delicious! It’s very creamy and comes with a layer of dark chocolate on top, but it wasn’t too sweet which made it more enjoyable for me. It didn’t have the traditional biscuit base it was more sponge like, which shows the Polish authenticity the bakery brings to its products. We received a huge portion of this, so it’s great to share around with friends.

The Polish Bakery Cheesecake

I loved trying out these products it’s so nice to try freshly baked goods. I will have to try out some more Polish foods and visit the country to learn more about their culture. The Polish Bakery also have a large range of cakes such as poppy seed cake, apple pie and Polish doughnuts all of which sound delicious!

The Polish Bakery - Enjoy the Adventure

Check out the Polish Bakery products here

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*Contains PR samples*

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Giggling Squid Thai Restaurant Review, Guildford

June 5, 2017

The other week me and Sam went to Giggling Squid in Guildford to try out their evening menu. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated quickly and offered drinks promptly. Sam ordered a Chang which is a popular beer in Thailand and I went for a Merlot red wine. We ordered some prawn crackers as we made our menu choices. You get a large portion and it comes with a sweet chilli sauce which was delicious although I ended up spilling it everywhere. I’m such a messy eater!

There’s such a lot of dishes to choose from but I opted for the Sleeping honey duck with orange salad. I asked for it without the skin as I find it a bit too fatty. The duck is served sizzling at your table and comes with a special honey glaze sauce. Served on a bed of cabbage with cashew nuts and crispy fired shallots. It also comes with an orange salad side dish which includes lettuce, tomatoes and red onion. I loved this dish the duck went so well with the honey glaze. The duck was cooked perfectly and complimented the orange salad. I’ll definitely be back to have this dish again!

Sam went for the Paneang curry and sticky rice this is a red curry thickened with coconut milk. This was also delicious and came with plenty of sauce.

Giggling squid have recently launched a child friendly menu called ‘Little Tapas for Little People’ For just £5.95 kids get to choose two dishes from a range of Giggling Squid favourites. Including mild curries, noodle and rish dishes. Unlimited plain or sticky rice is available upon request. For an additional £2 kids can enjoy a roti served with a dash of condensed milk and a sprinkling of sugar or two scoops of ice cream.

The food was delicious, the waiters were friendly and service was quick. Giggling squid is a must for any Thai food fans.


I went to the Guildford branch, they also have other branches across the UK to find your nearest click here.

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*Complimentary meal provided for review purposes*


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Arthur Hooper’s Restaurant & Wine Bar London

May 17, 2017

“Arthur Hooper’s is a stylish restaurant in a vibrant London Bridge neighbourhood, overlooking Borough Market. We infused the spirit of the area’s tradition that allows visitors to easily sample fresh food from local suppliers and wine from all over the world.”

Last month I attended the launch day for Arthur Hooper’s Restaurant to try out some of their dishes. The restaurant offers a selection of seasonally inspired small plates, meats and cheeses, perfectly paired with a diverse wine list. Arthur Hooper was an enigmatic fruit and vegetable salesman who once occupied the building. The recently derelict building’s historical ties to the local community and food have now been restored. Food is sourced from local suppliers such as Neal’s Yard and Cannon & Cannon.

Check out the menu here

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarThe rough jewel box interior and Victorian structures has been exclusively handcrafted and designed by Buster + Punch and some of the lighting is from Delta Light. Designed as a contemporary homage to Victorian steel structures and cobbled pavements.  The interior has been crafted with steel caged light fittings, hexagonal concrete flooring and tailored rare-wood cabinetry.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarI went for the Rioja Rosado Rose wine which was fruity and sweet and went well with the savoury food. Sam had the house red wine which was strong and rich.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarI went for the Lamb and Bulgur Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Yogurt. The tomato sauce was rich which complimented the creamy yogurt. The sauce went well with the focaccia bread.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarSam ordered the Red Wine and Porcini Braised Sausages with Sage Breadcrumbs. This dish was very tasty but not as good as the meatballs.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine Bar

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine Bar

Arthur Hoopers overlooks London Borough market and is a 2 minute walk from London Bridge tube station.

Book a table here

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