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Day in Strasbourg France

September 7, 2016

How to spend a day in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France - Enjoy the Adventure

Strasbourg is a charming picturesque city, it is the capital of the Alsace region in North Eastern France. It sits near the German border blending a mixture of French and German influences. Here are some things to see in Strasbourg.


La Petite France

This area is a must visit as it is ridiculously picturesque with a canal running through historical buildings. This area also looks beautiful lit up at night.

Cathedral Notre Dam de Strasbourg

This impressive 15th century cathedral is located in the centre if town.

Barrage Vauban 

This is a bridge you can climb up for free for an amazing view over Strasbourg.

Strasbourg, France - Enjoy the Adventure

Boat ride

A great way to explore Strasbourg would be to take a boat ride offering impressive views of Strasbourg’s architecture.

Walk or cycle

The best way to see more of Strasbourg is to walk or cycle around the city. Wandering around the cute alleyways finding pretty buildings and shops.

Strasbourg, France - Enjoy the Adventure

Sweet treats

Enjoy some french pastries and cakes at one of the many bakeries.

Strasbourg, France - Enjoy the Adventure

Where to go next

I had a wonderful time in Strasbourg before heading to Zurich. I used Flixbus to get there as its pretty cheap costing £9.50 and the bus has free WiFi. It took about 3.5 hours to get there. The bus’s are sometimes late and can get stuck in traffic however they are a much cheaper option than trains. You could also head to Paris or nearby Germany.



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