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Getting a Good Night Sleep With Benenox

April 10, 2018

I often struggle getting to sleep, spending ages tossing and turning or worrying about things. It takes me even longer to get to sleep if I know I have to up super early for a flight. As a blogger, I spend so much time on social media so I also find it hard to switch off in the evening and I’m always tempted to check Twitter if I can’t fall asleep.

Luckily for me, the team at Benenox sent me some sleeping goodies for sleep awareness week which was on the 11-17th of March. One of the products included in this package was the Benenox Overnight Recharge supplement and I was very intrigued to see if this could help me get a good night’s sleep. It also came with a tracking notebook to jot down what time I was going to bed, how I felt in the morning and to rate my sleep quality.

Benenox Overnight Recharge

Benenox is a flavoured food supplement designed to help those with busy schedules who struggle with disrupted sleep and tiredness. It’s designed to help reduced tiredness, fatigue, to support your mental function and to help with energy production.  It comes in two flavours lemon and ginger or blackcurrant. I’ve been using the lemon and ginger flavour for 2 weeks, taking 15ml before bedtime, it’s a bit like taking Calpol but with a strong honey flavour. You can also mix it with a small amount of hot water.

What’s in it?

Sustamine which is a combination of two amino acids to help the liver store glycogen by slowing the absorption of honey in the stomach

Honey is known for its health benefits and is believed to boost glycogen stored in the liver to use during the night

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce tiredness and fatigue while supporting psychological function in turn helping you feel more energised.


I have felt more energised during the day since I started taking this. The first week of taking this I fell asleep quite fast and had a much deeper sleep than usual and I was sleeping straight through the night with no disruptions. The second week was a bit more mixed, I did have some blogger events to go to where I had alcohol which always messes up my sleeping pattern. So some nights I still took a long time to get to sleep and had disruptions. However I could notice the difference throughout the day as I felt more focused and energised. I really enjoyed documenting my sleep patterns too as it’s a good way to see if you’re going to bed at a similar time and how eating dinner late and having alcohol can have a very negative affect on sleep.

At £12.49 it could get quite expensive to use all the time but it’s worth getting it to use occasionally. It’s brilliant to use for certain occasions like when you need to be up early for a flight, interview or exam. Some other ways to help you sleep would be to have a mug of chamomile tea before bed as it’s meant to be relaxing and sleep inducing. I’d also recommend using products with lavender as this is meant to be calming, so lighting the beefayre bee calm lavender and geranium scented candle will help you relax before bed.

If you’re interested in trying Benenox Overnight Recharge, you can find it in Tesco and on Amazon, priced around £12.49 for 135ml. For further information, visit

*I was kindly gifted these products, all opinions remain my own*


Health & Fitness

Fitness tracker Up move by Jawbone

March 20, 2016

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I have recently purchased a fitness tracker called Up move by Jawbone. I am trying to do more exercise and I wanted to see how many steps I did daily. I was torn between getting this one and the Fitbit. I decided to get this one as I didn’t want to wear a bracelet I wanted a more discreet fitness tracker. This one clips on to clothing and I got it in black so isn’t very noticeable if I’m wearing black.

This tracker really motivates me to do more steps. You don’t need to charge the fitness tracker it comes with a watch battery which should last a few years. You then download the up app which will track your steps and sleep. On the tracker if you press it once it will come up with an orange symbol showing it is tracking your steps and if you press again a blue moon will appear showing it is tracking your sleep. It tells you how much deep sleep and how much light sleep you are getting. It also tells you how long it took for you to fall asleep. You can set goals for how long you want to sleep and how many steps you want to do daily. Mine is currently at the recommended levels of 8 hours for sleep and 10,000 steps.

Up Move tacker.pngUp Move sleep

It allows you to track different exercise such as swimming, running or yoga, you can then see how long you did this for and how many steps you did. There is also the option to add food so you can see how many calories you are burning versus how much you are eating. Some of my friends have this tracker so I have added them to my friends list and there is a leader board where you can see how many steps they are doing a week. I recently did a duel with a friend to see who did the most steps in 3 days, this really motivated me to do more steps as I’m quite competitive and wanted to win.


Lightweight and small, you can clip it to jeans, skirts, tops etc

Tracks sleep this helps motivate me to go to bed earlier

Tracks calories and can add foods eaten

Tracks activity such a running or swimming

Add friends to help motivate you



Takes ages to sync, some days it fine but other days I either have to restart my phone or wait half an hour for it to refresh how many steps I have done

Up Move steps

Overall I would recommend this tracker, if you want to purchase click the links below. On the Jawbone website it is £39.99 but on Amazon it is £23.99 for the black tracker and £27.99 for other colours. If you add the app below you can get free money to spend in high street stores!

The Bounts app which can also be use with Fitbit or Apple’s health app. Lets you earn vouchers to spend in Amazon, Boots or Debenhams and many other places just for tracking your steps. You’ll get 100 extra points when you log your first activity when you sign up with referral code munday39680. Bounts members earn five points for each day you track 7,000 steps with a tracker, plus an extra five points each time for connecting your Facebook account (I set it up to share with ‘only me’ so it doesn’t annoy everyone).If you do 7,000 steps every day and with the 100 initial points you should get a £3 voucher within 90 days or £5 in about 4 months. I have only just joined so haven’t got vouchers yet and it will take a while to earn enough points. But this is pretty decent as I am aiming to walk over 7,000 steps a day so getting paid for it is a bonus. Click here to sign up and enter my referral code munday39680.