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Getting a Good Night Sleep With Benenox

April 10, 2018

I often struggle getting to sleep, spending ages tossing and turning or worrying about things. It takes me even longer to get to sleep if I know I have to up super early for a flight. As a blogger, I spend so much time on social media so I also find it hard to switch off in the evening and I’m always tempted to check Twitter if I can’t fall asleep.

Luckily for me, the team at Benenox sent me some sleeping goodies for sleep awareness week which was on the 11-17th of March. One of the products included in this package was the Benenox Overnight Recharge supplement and I was very intrigued to see if this could help me get a good night’s sleep. It also came with a tracking notebook to jot down what time I was going to bed, how I felt in the morning and to rate my sleep quality.

Benenox Overnight Recharge

Benenox is a flavoured food supplement designed to help those with busy schedules who struggle with disrupted sleep and tiredness. It’s designed to help reduced tiredness, fatigue, to support your mental function and to help with energy production.  It comes in two flavours lemon and ginger or blackcurrant. I’ve been using the lemon and ginger flavour for 2 weeks, taking 15ml before bedtime, it’s a bit like taking Calpol but with a strong honey flavour. You can also mix it with a small amount of hot water.

What’s in it?

Sustamine which is a combination of two amino acids to help the liver store glycogen by slowing the absorption of honey in the stomach

Honey is known for its health benefits and is believed to boost glycogen stored in the liver to use during the night

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce tiredness and fatigue while supporting psychological function in turn helping you feel more energised.


I have felt more energised during the day since I started taking this. The first week of taking this I fell asleep quite fast and had a much deeper sleep than usual and I was sleeping straight through the night with no disruptions. The second week was a bit more mixed, I did have some blogger events to go to where I had alcohol which always messes up my sleeping pattern. So some nights I still took a long time to get to sleep and had disruptions. However I could notice the difference throughout the day as I felt more focused and energised. I really enjoyed documenting my sleep patterns too as it’s a good way to see if you’re going to bed at a similar time and how eating dinner late and having alcohol can have a very negative affect on sleep.

At £12.49 it could get quite expensive to use all the time but it’s worth getting it to use occasionally. It’s brilliant to use for certain occasions like when you need to be up early for a flight, interview or exam. Some other ways to help you sleep would be to have a mug of chamomile tea before bed as it’s meant to be relaxing and sleep inducing. I’d also recommend using products with lavender as this is meant to be calming, so lighting the beefayre bee calm lavender and geranium scented candle will help you relax before bed.

If you’re interested in trying Benenox Overnight Recharge, you can find it in Tesco and on Amazon, priced around £12.49 for 135ml. For further information, visit

*I was kindly gifted these products, all opinions remain my own*


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Keep Your Hair Care Styling Tools Organised With This Storage Dock

March 22, 2018

Minky Styling Dock

My dressing table is always a mess with all my hair care products. I have hair grips and ties everywhere, which I constantly lose. I used to store my hair dryer and straighteners in a box under my dressing table. To try and tidy it up I’ve been on the lookout for something to store my hair stylers in for a while and I finally found one, the Minky styling dock.

The storage set is suitable for hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs,  as it comes with three different compartments. The middle compartment is big enough for a hair dryer. The other two are perfect for straighteners, tongs or hair brushes. At the back of the box you can attach two cable reels, which makes storage a lot neater. There is also a removable clip if you want to hang the dock up. At the front of the dock there are two detachable clear boxes which you can store grips and hair ties in. My boyfriend will be happy that there’s no random hair ties around the room.

The best thing about this and is that it can withstand high temperatures as its made with a heat resistant soft silicone body. So after styling your hair you can place the tools in the compartments without having to wait for them to cool down.


This product is brilliant, it’s made my dressing table a whole lot neater. I also really like that all my products are now in one place, I don’t have to spend time searching around for hair ties and grips. It’s pretty clear that this product has been designed really well, they’ve thought about everything and the detachable cable reel and hook are really useful. Being able to put my hair straighteners in the dock straight away without having to wait for them to cool down is really convenient too.

The styling dock costs £30 and comes with free delivery, Minky also sell a range of homeware products.

How do you store your hair styling tools?

*Disclaimer – I was sent this to review but all opinions remain my own*

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My Fitness Journey & Running Kit

March 19, 2018

Last month I was sent some products to help me with my new fitness regime. I joined the gym in January and I’ve really enjoyed getting fitter and trying new exercises. I’m combining a mixture of cardio and weights to help me loose some weight and tone up. I have a beach break in Mexico coming up at the end of April so I’m trying to loose weight for then. I’ve been trying out some fitness products from Herbalife, read on to find out what products I’ve tried.

Hydrate Electrolytes

To make: Mix one sachet with 300ml water

Exercising can cause you to loose electrolytes through sweating, which is why these sachets are so useful. They help keep you hydrated and are easy to chuck in with your gym kit. One of the best things about this product is that it’s calorie free! The sachets also contain B vitamins which can help you feel more awake. They even have magnesium in which contributes to electrolyte balance and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Whilst I’ve been using them I’ve been feeling more energised and the electrolytes seem to have reduced the amount of headaches I get. If you don’t always drink enough water then I’d recommend using these for added hydration and a bit of a boost.

CR7 Drive – açai berry flavour

To make: Mix one sachet with 500m of water

These sachets are great for taking to the gym with you and drinking whilst exercising. This carbohydrate-electrolyte solution contributes to the maintenance of endurance performance and each sachet is less than 100 calories. It tastes a bit like berry squash and I have been feeling more energised since taking these. However I can’t say for sure whether these are helping me exercise for longer as I’ve only just started exercising regularly.

Chocolate protein bars

The bars are great for chucking in your bag for just after a workout or whenever you feel peckish. They taste of chocolate and vanilla and are very chewy like most other protein bars I’ve tried. I’ve found that the protein in these does help you feel fuller for longer, compared to other snacks.

Vanilla protein powder

To make: Mix two scoops with 250ml semi skimmed milk

This protein powder is a good meal substitute and it’s great for having before a workout, especially if you don’t have time to make food. It tastes creamy and thick, I personally prefer some other vanilla protein powders that I’ve tried before, but they also have some other flavours available and their cookie’n’cream shake sounds delicious!

What fitness products have you been using?

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

March 6, 2018

This Mother’s Day gift guide features a range of gorgeous gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Blueberry Tree, Cardology, Treats Direct and Hotel Chocolat. This post features cute homeware items, delicious sweet treats and cute accessories.

Blueberry Tree have a fantastic variety of gifts to choose from:

Katie Loxton Perfect Pouch Marvellous Mum

This pouch came beautifully packaged in a lovely Katie Loxton gift bag. The pouch I have is the fuchsia pink marvellous mum design, but there are various colours to choose from with numerous messages on the front with her signature gold text. This pouch has a gold zip printed with Katie Loxton London and a lovely grey lining inside.

World’s Best Mum Ring Dish – £3.29

This cute ceramic dish is the perfect size for storing rings or earrings. The blue and white design with the message ‘worlds best mum’ makes this the perfect Mothers day gift. It’s also very reasonably priced at £3.29.

World’s Best Mum Compact Mirror – £3.69

This mirror has a similar design to the ring dish and also comes with a pretty pink heart motif on the other side. This is a great item to throw in your handbag or the Katie Loxton pouch.

Fuzzy Duck Hollyhock & Thyme Luxury Scented Candle – sale £9.99

Candles are always a great gift idea, they’re perfect for a relaxing night in and making your home smell lovely. This beautiful Baylis & Harding Hollyhock & Thyme candle comes in an amber coloured glass container.

Hotel Chocolat

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and Hotel Chocolat have a wide range of luxurious chocolate. This selection includes raspberry riot, coconut & coconut and the brownie slab.

Treats Direct

Treats Direct create sweet boxes that can be filled with four compartments of sweets from traditional sweets such as toffee, chocolate eclairs, fruit salad and liquorice. They also have a selection of nostalgic sweets such as candy sticks, gummy bears, milk bottles, cola bottles, laces, millions, refreshers and many more. You cannot currently pick your own sweets – they are pre-set boxes but you can rate your treats to keep the ones you love and lose the ones you don’t. You can also easily cancel the subscription at anytime.

These boxes would make amazing gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays or for any of your friends who deserve a treat. You can get your first box for only £2.49.

Cardology sell a range of beautiful pop up cards, these intricately designed cards make a unique and memorable gift.

Iris Pop Up Card – £8.00

When you open the card these beautiful blue and yellow iris flowers pop up.

Wild Flowers Pop Up Card – £8.00

My favourite card is the wild flower design it even comes with a bumble bee.

Spring Wellies Pop Up Card – £8.50

The Spring Wellies card would be ideal for any Mum’s who love gardening.

Get 15% off until the 7th of March with code mday153

How are you spending Mothers Day?

*This post contains gifted items*

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Pamper Evening With Thera Pearl Eye Mask

February 27, 2018

There’s no doubt about it, pamper evenings are the best way to relax and have some ‘me’ time.

I’ve been looking for an eye care product to add to my pamper routine. Recently I’ve been suffering a lot with dry eyes, so I wanted to find a product that could help with this.

Dry eyes can be caused by many things such as spending too much time staring at a computer screen, reading, dehydration, excessive driving or not getting enough sleep. I’m constantly on my laptop which causes me to get dry eyes and headaches. When I suffer with dry eyes it feels very uncomfortable. My eyes can feel heavy and dry, and my vision becomes a bit blurry. I also haven’t been sleeping that well so I have really dark circles under my eyes.

I’ve been on the hunt for a product to help alleviate my eye problems and headaches and I finally found one! It’s an eye mask promising to provide relief from dry eyes, headaches, sinuses and puffy eyes. This product is called the Thera Pearl Eye Mask and I got it from the Feel Good Contacts website. At the moment it’s on sale for only £7.00 which is really good value.

The Eye Mask

Eye Mask Feel Good Contacts

One thing that stood out about this eye mask is that it can be used hot or cold. I’ve only ever used cold eye masks before so was intrigued to try one heated up.

The mask is suitable to microwave or freeze. It’s filled with small pearls that can retain heat or remain cool for approximately 20 minutes.

To heat the mask up you place it in the microwave for up to 15 seconds. Using the eye mask hot is very relaxing and it’s meant to help with congestion relief, so its ideal if you have a blocked nose or are feeling a bit under the weather.

I’ve found using the eye mask cold more beneficial for me as it helps soothe my eyes and leaves me feeling rejuvenated.

Eye Mask Feel Good Contacts


  • Spa-like mask perfect for pampering
  • Relaxes, soothes and rejuvenates eyes
  • Dual-use for hot and cold therapies
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Can help alleviate symptoms such as dry eye, eye fatigue, irritation or headaches

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed using this eye mask, it has helped to provide relief from dry eyes. It’s also really handy that the eye mask has instructions printed on the back as I always throw away boxes for products.

The Thera Pearl Eye Mask is now a new addition to my pamper evenings. Taking time out in the evening to use this eye mask is a very relaxing experience and I’ll definitely continue to use this.

Thera Pearl Eye Mask Feel Good Contacts

If you want to purchase your own mask or eye care products, Feel Good Contacts have offered all of my readers the chance for 10% off their first order using the code:


Are you a fan of eye masks? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer – this post is in collaboration with Feel Good Contacts*

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Romantic Valentines Gift Guide for Him & Her

February 8, 2018

Valentines day is less than a week away and I’m so excited, it’s the perfect day to show your partner how much you care about them. If you’re looking for some romantic Valentines Gifts for him or her then here are a few of my suggestions.

Best Boyfriend Personalised Spirit Set – GiftsOnline4U

GiftsOnline4U are an online gift shop specialising in personalised and unique gifts for a variety of occasions, they have a large selection of gifts which are perfect for Valentines Day.

“We have tried to envision every possible occasion where bespoke customisation will allow you to bring smiles to the faces of friends, family and all loved ones.”

I decided to get the best boyfriend Personalised Whisky set, this comes in a black silk gift box with a spirit of your choice. You can choose from Whisky, Gin, White Rum, Vodka or Jack Daniels. You also choose what you get engraved on it, it already comes with Best Boyfriend or a Best Husband engraving, you then add in a personalised message and at the bottom it will say since and the year that you met or got married.

I really like this gift, I’m a huge fan of Engraved Gifts For Men or Women, they make the gift so much more personal and unique. If you’re looking for a gift for her then check out their range of personalised wine and champagne glasses. All of the gifts come with free UK delivery and if you need it in a hurry then its £5 for next day delivery.

Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin 

Pink Gin is all the range right now and Warner Edwards have managed to create a beautiful light pink Rhubarb Gin. The gins are distilled on Falls Farm, located in the rolling hills of Harrington, Northamptonshire. The Warner Edwards team lovingly distill a range of fantastically smooth and aromatic gins using the farm’s natural spring water, grain spirit and home-grown ingredients.

This Gin is fit for a Queen! This Rhubarb Gin is actually made using a crop of Rhubarb originally grown in the kitchen garden of Buckingham Palace, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

This gin is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy, with taste notes of vanilla and soft citrus. This gin would be fantastic served with rhubarb and apple pie.

The have an amazing set of flavours, which I’m so keen to try out such as the Elderflower Gin,  Sloe Gin, Lemon Balm Gin and Honeybee Gin.

Warner Edwards gin is available to buy online or in store at Harvey Nichols, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Majestic, Fortnum and Mason, Marks and Spencer and Amazon. You can find out more and even locate your nearest pub or stockist at

Jelly Belly Bubbly – Sparkling Wine Flavour

Toast to Valentines Day with Jelly Belly Bubbly a sparkling wine flavour Jelly Bean. I love all things shimmery, sparkly and sweet which is why I was drawn to these Jelly Beans.  The mini sized bottle packaging makes them the perfect little treat to add into a gift bag. The Jelly beans taste light and fruity and are non alcoholic.

Romantic Trips

These gift packs are perfect for Valentines Day. You can buy the gift pack and then arrange the location and dates together. Be sure to check the locations on the pack to make sure they’re available near you. Most packs normally have a lot of locations to choose from, although if you live in London most will require some travelling. On the front of the box it says when they expire, these both expire on the 1st of December 2018.

You can purchase these online at Activity Superstore or in store at Boots.

Cooking a romantic meal

According to HelloFresh 70% of people are planning on staying in to cook a romantic meal for Valentines Day. Cooking a romantic meal is a brilliant way to show your affection and avoid the super busy and pricey restaurants.

Top 5 Recipes for seduction according to British couples
1. Steak
2. Roast Dinner
3. Curry
4. Salmon
5. Profiteroles

How are you spending Valentines Day?

*This gift guide contains PR samples and sponsored content but all opinions remain my own*

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