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Simple Self-Care Tips For a Healthy Body & Mind

April 17, 2018

Self-care is all about adding healthy habits into your daily routine, it’s far more than pampering yourself for self-indulgent reasons. It’s about realising your health is just as important as the health of those you love and that you should be dedicating time during your day to looking after your body. Putting “me time” on the back burner can be part of the reason you feel stressed, run down and overwhelmed. If you’re looking to become healthier both physically and mentally, then here are some self-care tips you should definitely take on board.

Have some me time

If you’re used to putting others first it can be hard to prioritise time for yourself without feeling guilty about it. However it’s so important to look after yourself and have a break so you can feel calmer and refreshed. Spend an evening by yourself doing something you enjoy whether that’s watching your favourite tv show, relaxing in the bath with a face mask, meditating or reading a book.


Not only does exercise make you feel better by releasing endorphins it also makes you look better! Try and find something you enjoy like dancing or yoga and incorporate it into your weekly routine. You can easily incorporate exercise into your daily routine by taking the stairs instead of escalator and trying to walk more throughout the day.

Get outside

Whether that’s going for a long walk, exploring a new area or just sitting in your garden, getting outside and being in nature can help you de-stress. Studies also show that staying indoors can have a negative impact on your immune health. With the weather starting to get better, you can now spend more time in your garden and to make it more appealing check out Groupon for the best outdoor lighting deals. These will also come in handy for BBQs and get togethers with friends and family.

Have a break from technology

Have a day with no TV, phones or computers and spend your time doing something you love. I spend way too much time on my phone and it’s so nice to have a break every now and again. Having a digital detox can help you unwind and focus on the present. If you’re spending time with others it’s good to put your phone away and be able to focus on spending time with them.

Eat well

There’s so many reasons to eat a better diet such as increasing your energy levels, improving your skin, hair and nails and for losing weight. Eating a balanced diet and having more fruit and veg can help you feel a lot better about yourself.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can help increase your energy levels throughout the day, helping you be more productive with your daily tasks. Sometimes it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, but creating a relaxing environment in your bedroom can help, start by lighting a candle and turning off your phone and tv an hour before bed as the lights from this can make it harder to fall asleep. I’d also recommend trying Benenox it’s a supplement which is great for people who struggle getting to sleep or with waking up throughout the night.


Some researchers believe that clutter can stress us out and bring us down. Marie Kondo’s book “the life changing magic of tidying” is a motivating read for decluttering your house. Getting rid of products you don’t use and making extra space can help us be more productive and calm.

Pain relief

Suffering with migraines, backache or other illnesses can be tough but practising self-care tips can help you manage the pain. To provide pain relief try Combogesic as this can deliver 30% more pain relief than paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Spend time with friends/family

Spending quality time with the people that matter to you is so important. If you’ve been having a tough week they can always help cheer you up and give you advice. Studies show spending time with family and friends goes a long way to boosting happiness. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with work and your to do list but try and organise catch ups with friends regularly.

*This post is sponsored but all opinions remain my own*

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Getting a Good Night Sleep With Benenox

April 10, 2018

I often struggle getting to sleep, spending ages tossing and turning or worrying about things. It takes me even longer to get to sleep if I know I have to up super early for a flight. As a blogger, I spend so much time on social media so I also find it hard to switch off in the evening and I’m always tempted to check Twitter if I can’t fall asleep.

Luckily for me, the team at Benenox sent me some sleeping goodies for sleep awareness week which was on the 11-17th of March. One of the products included in this package was the Benenox Overnight Recharge supplement and I was very intrigued to see if this could help me get a good night’s sleep. It also came with a tracking notebook to jot down what time I was going to bed, how I felt in the morning and to rate my sleep quality.

Benenox Overnight Recharge

Benenox is a flavoured food supplement designed to help those with busy schedules who struggle with disrupted sleep and tiredness. It’s designed to help reduced tiredness, fatigue, to support your mental function and to help with energy production.  It comes in two flavours lemon and ginger or blackcurrant. I’ve been using the lemon and ginger flavour for 2 weeks, taking 15ml before bedtime, it’s a bit like taking Calpol but with a strong honey flavour. You can also mix it with a small amount of hot water.

What’s in it?

Sustamine which is a combination of two amino acids to help the liver store glycogen by slowing the absorption of honey in the stomach

Honey is known for its health benefits and is believed to boost glycogen stored in the liver to use during the night

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce tiredness and fatigue while supporting psychological function in turn helping you feel more energised.


I have felt more energised during the day since I started taking this. The first week of taking this I fell asleep quite fast and had a much deeper sleep than usual and I was sleeping straight through the night with no disruptions. The second week was a bit more mixed, I did have some blogger events to go to where I had alcohol which always messes up my sleeping pattern. So some nights I still took a long time to get to sleep and had disruptions. However I could notice the difference throughout the day as I felt more focused and energised. I really enjoyed documenting my sleep patterns too as it’s a good way to see if you’re going to bed at a similar time and how eating dinner late and having alcohol can have a very negative affect on sleep.

At £12.49 it could get quite expensive to use all the time but it’s worth getting it to use occasionally. It’s brilliant to use for certain occasions like when you need to be up early for a flight, interview or exam. Some other ways to help you sleep would be to have a mug of chamomile tea before bed as it’s meant to be relaxing and sleep inducing. I’d also recommend using products with lavender as this is meant to be calming, so lighting the beefayre bee calm lavender and geranium scented candle will help you relax before bed.

If you’re interested in trying Benenox Overnight Recharge, you can find it in Tesco and on Amazon, priced around £12.49 for 135ml. For further information, visit

*I was kindly gifted these products, all opinions remain my own*


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Keep Your Hair Care Styling Tools Organised With This Storage Dock

March 22, 2018

Minky Styling Dock

My dressing table is always a mess with all my hair care products. I have hair grips and ties everywhere, which I constantly lose. I used to store my hair dryer and straighteners in a box under my dressing table. To try and tidy it up I’ve been on the lookout for something to store my hair stylers in for a while and I finally found one, the Minky styling dock.

The storage set is suitable for hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs,  as it comes with three different compartments. The middle compartment is big enough for a hair dryer. The other two are perfect for straighteners, tongs or hair brushes. At the back of the box you can attach two cable reels, which makes storage a lot neater. There is also a removable clip if you want to hang the dock up. At the front of the dock there are two detachable clear boxes which you can store grips and hair ties in. My boyfriend will be happy that there’s no random hair ties around the room.

The best thing about this and is that it can withstand high temperatures as its made with a heat resistant soft silicone body. So after styling your hair you can place the tools in the compartments without having to wait for them to cool down.


This product is brilliant, it’s made my dressing table a whole lot neater. I also really like that all my products are now in one place, I don’t have to spend time searching around for hair ties and grips. It’s pretty clear that this product has been designed really well, they’ve thought about everything and the detachable cable reel and hook are really useful. Being able to put my hair straighteners in the dock straight away without having to wait for them to cool down is really convenient too.

The styling dock costs £30 and comes with free delivery, Minky also sell a range of homeware products.

How do you store your hair styling tools?

*Disclaimer – I was sent this to review but all opinions remain my own*

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Leightons Opticians Ultimate Eye Examination

May 7, 2017

Last month I got to test out the Ultimate Eye Examination which includes unique Retinal Photography and an OCT scan – providing 3D views of the retina and the ability to detect serious eye conditions up to 5 years earlier than a normal test. As I work at a computer a lot, it’s important to go for regular eye tests to make sure I’m not straining my eyes.

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

The test detects

  • Your vision to see if correction is needed with glasses or contact lenses
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma and other eye conditions
  • Health issues such as diabetes

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

The eye examination

All the staff at Leightons were very friendly, Anne the Optometrist who carried out my eye examination, was really helpful and informative. The eye test starts with a few questions about your eye health, then you start reading letters from a screen whilst wearing a pair of glasses. Different lenses are inserted into the glasses to see which lens will benefit your eyes. After this, the OCT test will begin, where you rest your chin on the machine above and look into the lens. You then look at a green dot and at the end a photo is taken of the eye.

The test can detect serious eye conditions 5 years before most other eye exams. If you have a lot of eye problems or glaucoma runs in the family this test would be ideal for you. Anne showed me the photo taken of my eye and explained how they detect serious eye conditions. Luckily my test results were good and I didn’t have any serious eye conditions. It did show that I have an astigmatism which means my eyes aren’t perfectly round – this can make it difficult to focus on small writing. I have glasses which I wear for reading and working on the computer. My prescription for this test was slightly higher than the one I had over a year ago so I’ll be buying some new reading glasses.

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

With summer coming up, Leightons offer a range of sunglasses. Sunglasses with full UV protection work towards keeping your eyes healthy by preventing the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. They dramatically reduce the amount of ultraviolet that enters your eyes.

Check out Leightons Opticians here.

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*Disclaimer – I was invited to try the examination in exchange for a review*

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Travel Toiletries 2 Go Gift Set & Giveaway

April 25, 2017

Travel Toiletries 2 Go

Handbag and Travel Treats Gift Set

Travel Toiletries 2 Go kindly sent me a gift pack to review and are also giving away this gift pack to one my readers! These products are great for taking with you in your hand luggage. You can fit them into the clear plastic toiletries bag which is ideal. So many times I have tried to shove all my toiletries in the bag and failed. I then have to go to Boots and buy the products again which is such a waste of money.

To learn more Hang Luggage rules check out this guide Travel Toiletries 2 go created.

Handbag and Travel Treats Gift Set

Handbag and Travel Treats Gift Set

The gift set includes

  • The Travalo Classic Excel Perfume Atomiser – Pink, This is a great way to take your favourite perfume with you without going over the hand luggage liquid allowance. It refills in seconds directly from a standard perfume bottle. The Excel is 8.6cm tall, packs 65 sprays of perfume and has a contents indicator window.
  • Daisy Pattern Compact Mirror – This mirror reminds me of the Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. A double mirror with one magnified and one standard mirror inside.
  • Impulse Mini Body Spray 35ml True Love – Beautiful fresh freesia and tangerine fragrance, leaves your skin feeling cool, fresh, revitalised and gently fragranced.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Lip Therapy Stick – Lip balm is an essential travel toiletry. This one also protects from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 15. Contains triple-purified Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, rich cocoa and shea butter, and Pro-Vitamin E.
  • V05 Ultimate Hold 100ml Hairspray – Heat and humidity can cause havoc with your hair. This hairspray has a UV filter to shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz and environmental damage.
  • Mini 4 in 1 Nail file Shapes, smoothes, buffs and polishes – small and compact, perfect to carry in your handbag and great for travelling light!

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Travel toiletries mirror gold flowers

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Williamson Tea Selection – Review

March 4, 2017

I love trying new teas so when Williamson Tea sent me a selection of their teas I was very happy to try them all out!

Williamson Tea

Williamson Tea is a fifth generation tea farming business. Williamson tea is committed to growing sustainable high quality tea which benefit Kenya, it’s environment wildlife and communities. All the teas are grown on their own farms so they control the quality of the product from bush to cup.

Williamson Tea

The Teas

Earl Grey

The iconic early grey has a subtle floral aroma and tastes amazing. I also love loose leaf tea bags they seem a bit more luxurious and taste so much better. I will definitely be buying some more of these.


The Kenyan loose leaf tea bags are brewed for 2-3 mins. This black tea is rich and refreshing with a strong flavour.

Mini Green Matcha Elephant

Matcha tea has become really popular recently but its also pretty pricey. It tastes quite bitter but it is meant to be super healthy for you. The tea also has very high levels of antioxidants.

Cleansing Mint

The larger elephant with the white and black design was full with mint teabags. I love mint tea and this one was light and refreshing. Mint tea helps to cleanse and detox the body.

Williamson TeaI’ve wanted one of these enamel mugs for a while and #keeponwandering is perfect for me! I think this mug would be great for a camping trip.

Williamson TeaThe elephant tea caddy is perfect for storing all my teas in and I love the intricate design of the tin. Williamson tea have a selection of elephant tins which would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves tea and elephants. Next on my list of to try from Williamson tea is Earl Grey with Blue flowers and their Peach Tea.

Click here to buy Williamson tea

My favourite is the Early grey tea, what’s your favourite tea?

*Thanks to Williamson tea for sending me these items, all opinions remain my own*