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Winter break in Copenhagen, Denmark

January 22, 2018

Where to go in Copenhagen 

Planning on going to Copenhagen?

This guide will show you where to go, eat and stay in the city. It’s an expensive place so I’ve included some tips on how to spend less.

I visited with my Boyfriend before Christmas, its a great time to visit as it’s so festive with all the lights, decorations and Christmas markets around.


Nyhavn is the picture perfect area you see when you Google Copenhagen or look on Instagram. This beautiful area is located by the canal and is full of colourful houses, it was lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. There are also many stalls selling drinks and Christmas gifts.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureTivoli Gardens 

The enchanting Tivoli Garden amusement park was actually inspired by Walt Disney. It’s home to one of the oldest running wooden roller coasters in the world and many food stalls. At Christmas it is absolutely magical as it’s full of festive lights, decorations and trees.

Entrance to the park is 120DKK/£14.40. For 230DKK £27.60 you can get an unlimited ride ticket. If you don’t want to go on all the rides you can buy individual tickets for around £3 each.

Top tip: if you don’t get the unlimited ticket make sure you check entrance for the rides you want to go on as some rides are 2 or 3 tickets per person so can get expensive.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureThe Little Mermaid 

This famous sculpture is displayed on a rock by the water side. It’s a bit out of the centre, about a 20 minute walk from Nyhavn. The mermaid sculpture is pretty small and the area will be full of tourists taking photos but its worth visting. If you look at my Instagram posts then you can read about the fascinating old story of the two mermaids in Warsaw and Copenhagen.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureSee the Changing of the Guard

The Danish royal guards march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace, where the changing of the guards takes place, this happens every day at 12pm. Whilst in the area go and check out Frederick’s church.

Frederick’s Church

This impressive church stands out in Copenhagen, with its beautiful architecture and copper green dome. Be sure to stop by here to take a photo or have a look inside.Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureWhat to eat

1. Danish pastries

2. Smorrebrod – open faced sandwiches, usually on rye bread with a wide variety of toppings

3. Hot dogs

4. Frikadeller – Danish meatballs

5. Krebinetter – pan fried pork patties normally served with potatoes

6. Flæskesteg – roasted pork baked with spices and bay leaves, it’s normally served at Christmas markets

7. Salmon – Danes usually add a slice of cold smoked salmon to rye bread

8. Brot (bread) – rye bread is commonly eaten here

9. Fiskefrikadeller – fish cakes

10. Grod (porridge) they even have a porridge cafe 

What to drink

Hot chocolate

Hotel Chocolat cafe is the ideal place for chocolate lovers. They have a selection of hot chocolates to choose from, I went for the Christmas edition clementine and salted caramel with chocolate whipped cream. It’s very thick and creamy, so make sure you drink it with a straw otherwise the liquid will ooze out and go everywhere.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureMulled wine (Glogg)

This warm sweet wine is served at the Christmas markets and Tivoli Gardens.


Copenhagen has plenty of trendy coffee shops, why not try one with a delicious Danish pastry.

Where to eat

Copenhagen is pretty expensive but if you avoid eating at Nyhavn and walk a bit further away from the centre you can find cheaper restaurants there. Most restaurants had some outdoor seating with soft blankets and a heater to keep you warm and cosy.

We went at the end of November so there was a lot of Christmas market stalls which you could grab food from. Hot dogs are also a good choice if you want to grab something in the go – the sausages are amazing!

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureStreet Food Market ‘Papiroen’

Located across the bridge from Nyhavn, this area has a huge variety of street food to choose from. The venue was bustling with people and the food we had was delicious. Unfortunately it’s closed now, with a new market opening in May 2018.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the AdventureWhere to stay

Sam and I stayed at the Wakeup Copenhagen hotel. This hotel is very central, close to shops and not very far from Nyhavn. This hotel was a lot cheaper than the others we found but was still a great hotel.

There’s underfloor heating in the bathroom, which is brilliant after a long day exploring in the cold and the room is quite cosy. The lobby had lots of seats to relax in and computers to use along with a restaurant.

You will have to pay to check in luggage if you arrive before check in at 3pm. There’s also no tea or coffee making facilities in the room which we would have liked.

What I liked/disliked 

I’d definitely recommend going to Copenhagen at least once. My favourite part was the magical Tivoli Gardens. I also loved that everything was walkable and it was easy to get to from the airport. With all the Christmas lights up it felt very festive and romantic.

The main downside is that it’s expensive but if you want to save money, bring some snacks with you. Eat at street vendors and try go down side alleys or further away from centre for cheaper restaurants.

How to get here

We managed to get return tickets with Ryanair for £20, such a bargain! This was travelling from London Stansted.

When you arrive at Copenhagen Airport you can get the train or metro. We got the metro to Nørreport, as this was the closest stop to our hotel. Tickets cost about £4 per person and the journey only took 15 minutes.

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the Adventure

Winter Break Copenhagen - Enjoy the Adventure

Winter break in Copenhagen, Denmark - Enjoy the Adventure travel blogWhere to go next

We took a trip to Malmo in Sweden, the drive was very easy and only took 45 minutes. The bridge crossing is pretty expensive though at £45 each way. For a cheaper option you could always get the train instead.

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Travel Insurance, Do You Need It?

January 9, 2018

When planning a holiday it can be very easy to forget about travel insurance as you can travel anywhere in the world without it. However if you don’t take out insurance and something goes wrong it can end up costing a lot of money. There are plenty of different policies you can take out, some cover the bare minimum and others cover everything. If you are travelling for a long period of time or participating in sports and skiing then it might be best to get a policy which covers everything. Rigby Financial can help you find the right cover for you and your family.

Travel insurance Rigby Financial Here is what travel insurance can cover

  • Medical treatment – Without travel insurance medical treatment abroad can be very expensive. Some countries may not be able to do the treatment and you’ll have to be flown back to the UK, the insurance should cover this too.
  • Trip cancellation – You never know what could go wrong before your holiday, there could be a family emergency or something urgent at work. That would mean you loose a lot of money on flights and accommodation.
  • Travel delay – Maybe your airport transfer doesn’t turn up or there’s a lot of traffic and you miss your flight. Travel insurance will be able to pick this bill up for you.
  • Sports and activities – Make sure the insurer knows about any water sports or winter sports that you will be participating in. If the insurer doesn’t know your planning on doing these, they won’t pay out if anything goes wrong.
  • Smartphone, cash and baggage – a good policy will cover you for the loss or theft of your cash and possessions. If your baggage goes missing they will also cover the cost of buying some short term essential items.

Do you need travel insurance?

Majority of the time you’ll go away on holiday and you won’t need to use your travel insurance, however there’s always a risk that you will. It’s worth getting at least a basic coverage so that your protected if you need to get medical treatment. Most of the basic travel insurances don’t cost very much but could end up saving you a fortune. Make sure you read the policy thoroughly so you know exactly what you are covered for.

Travel Insurance Rigby Financial*This post is sponsored, all opinions remain my own. Photos from Pexels*

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Why Maui, Hawaii Is The Perfect Tropical Destination

December 17, 2017


Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, it’s a mix of natural beauty, sandy beaches and outdoor adventure. If sipping a mai tai on the beach, swimming under waterfalls and watching the sun rise on top of a 10,000 foot volcano sounds appealing then Maui is the perfect holiday destination for you. Carry on reading to find out more about what you can get up to in Maui.

Outdoor Adventures

Hiking – with trails winding through lava flows and bamboo forests

Surfing & Windboarding – barrel through the clear turquoise waves

Snorkelling – glide among fish filled reefs and coral and keep an eye out for sea turtles

Driving the road to Hana – admire the lush rainforests, spectacular views and waterfalls

Kayaking – head to Markena Bay for a chance to spot Humpback Whales

Haleakala Crater – visit this dormant volcano which is Maui’s highest point at 10,000 feet above sea level

Villas & Vacation Rentals

Homes for rent & luxury villas Maui, Hawaii

How beautiful do these villas and Homes for rent in Maui look?

The rentals from Luxury Retreats come equipped with swimming pools, backyard BBQs and shaded lounge areas made for relaxing with friends and family. Some of the properties have access to fitness centres and golf courses too.

If you want the beach right on your doorstep then check out Wailea beach villas. Otherwise Lahaina, nestled between the ocean and mountains, is a great location for hiking and Kapalua villas are the perfect location to watch the sunset.

Homes for rent & luxury villas Maui, Hawaii

Natural Beauty

Keawakapu Beach – relax on the golden sands

Wailua Falls – admire the graceful beauty of this waterfall

Garden of Eden Arboretum & Botanical Garden – explore hundreds of exotic flowers and trees

Food & Drink

Try these dishes


  • Chicken Luau – Chicken that is prepared in coconut milk and taro leaves.
  • Loco Moco – consists of an egg, meat patty, rice and gravy. This is considered a healthy food and is often eaten because of its healthy qualities.
  • Kalua Pig – a pork dish that is cooked by placing hot rocks inside the pig and putting the pig inside an imu, or an underground oven, it’s often seasoned with salt.
  • Manapua – a bun that is filled with meat and either baked or steamed


  • Lomi Salmon – a cold salad made with raw, salted salmon, onions and tomatoes. It is common to use several different types of onions in a lomi salmon recipe.
  • Ahi – Tuna that is often found raw in dishes such as Sashimi and Poke. Ahi is also often seared, blackened, grilled or baked.
  • Monchong – Deep water fish commonly marinated and grilled
  • Onaga – Ruby snapper served in a number of ways, including grilled, baked and steamed


  • Haupia – a coconut custard dessert that is rich and creamy
  • Breadfruit – fruit that is about the size of a melon and is served either baked, steamed, deep fried or boiled.
  • Kulolo – steamed taro pudding
  • Manju – a cookie with a sweet center

Historical sites

Downtown Lahaina – old wooden storefronts and rowdy pubs channeling the whaling era

Lahaina Jodo Mission – tranquil replica of a Japanese Buddhist temple

100 year old Komoda Bakery – serving tasty cream puffs

Villas Maui

Places to Stay When in Maui

Maui offers lots great homes to choose from during your stay in this beautiful piece of paradise. Every part of it is just breathtakingly beautiful. Maui which is divided into two major areas- the West and the South. Depending on your budget and other preferences, you’ll surely find a perfect place to stay whichever area you choose.

West Side of Maui

Kaanapali offers beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. There are lots of luxurious hotels in the Kaanapali beach that offers large condominiums with grand pools, grounds, and lobbies. All amenities such as restaurants, shopping centers, condos, and hotels as well as beach activities and snorkelling are within walking distance. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, Aston at the Whaler and Aston Kaanapali Shores are some of the top rated resorts in Maui.

You can find Kahana Village, Kahana Reef and Castle Paki Maui in Honokowai, Kahana, and Napili.  You get to pick from various condominium complexes both big and small that are cheaper in price than in Kaanapali. Expect a longer walk or you might even need a ride to reach amenities in these areas. Depending on the price you pay, you may or may not get a room with air conditioning or daily cleaning services.

Kapalua offers the best spot to enjoy watching the sunset. It has a single hotel and some condos and is a part of Maui that is windy and receives more rain than any other part of Maui. If you cam for the sun and tan, this might not be the perfect place to stay. Some of the places to stay here are in Ocean Breeze, Orchid Residence, Heliconia, Kealoha Residence and Sunset Bay Residence.

Lahaina has Turtle Beach Villa, Maui Oasis and Lahaina Oasis as some of the great places to stay. It is a tourist town with a rich history and lots of small shops and places to eat. Traffic can sometimes be bothersome, and may not be a great choice if what you really want to enjoy is the ocean and sand.

South Side of Maui

Kihei offers condos that are more affordable than Wailea but may offer no maid service daily or air conditioning. Traffic can sometimes be a problem here as it can be congested at times. If you’re looking for a less expensive place to stay with lots of restaurants to eat in, Kihei is your choice on the South Side of Maui. Some of the places to stay here are at South Beach, Sapphire Seas Beach Estate, Hale Uluniu and Mango Surf Beach Front Villa.

If you wish to have more peace and quiet, Wailea is perfect as the hotels and condos are a little bit far away from each other. Although Wailea offers luxury condos, the amenities are a little too far away so walking might not be the best travel option. Wailea Sunset Estate, Aqua Lani J305, Floral Gardens Pool Villa G102 and Coco Palms Pool Villa D101 can be found here at Wailea.

There are other parts of Maui to visit and stay in such as Haiku, Kula, Upcountry, and Kahului. Kahului is Maui’s big city while Haiku, Kula, Upcountry offers smaller residences to stay in. No matter where you choose to stay, you are sure to get your money’s worth as Maui offers a piece of paradise like nowhere else in the world.

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*Collaborative post, photos from Luxury Retreats & Pexels*


How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Whilst Travelling

November 23, 2017

Travelling the world is incredible, meeting new people, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures and taking in beautiful sights. Travelling a lot can also mean you end up neglecting your body or daily beauty routines. Extreme temperatures can cause havoc with your hair. This is why its so important to protect your hair whilst travelling. Below are a list of things you can do to keep your hair healthy when your on the go.

Healthy hair whilst travelling - enjoy the adventureProtect your hair from the sun

Exposure to UV rays causes damage to our hair, resulting in dry brittle lifeless hair. Many products on the market now act as a sunscreen for your hair protecting it against sun damage.

Bring a good mini shampoo & conditioner with you

A good shampoo will get rid of any unwanted build up and the conditioner will leave your hair silky and smooth.

Wear a hat

The sun can cause damage to your hair, it can also lighten your hair if you don’t want this to happen make sure you always wear a hat.

Healthy hair whilst travelling - enjoy the adventure

Bring an anti frizz serum

Extreme heat and humidity can cause your hair to become a frizzy mess. Bring an anti frizz serum to keep your hair silky and frizz free.

Protect your hair from chlorine

A lot of sun protection range shampoos and conditioners help to remove chlorine and restore moisture in your hair. Shampoo your hair twice after swimming to make sure you get all the chlorine out.

Healthy hair whilst travelling - enjoy the adventure

Use a heat protectant

If you use hairdryers, straighteners or a curling wand make sure you apply heat protectant first. You can get these in spray or cream forms, read the label to see if you apply to damp or dry hair.

How to deal with thinning hair

As we age our hair can get thinner and hairlines can recede. One way to help this is to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and eating enough protein. You could also have a look into hair transplant cost, these can differ from place to place, click the link to find out what the cost of a FUE hair transplant is at the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

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*Collaborative post, all opinions remain my own, photos from Pexels.


Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa The Perfect Autumnal Retreat in Suffolk

November 21, 2017

Bedford Lodge Hotel

This luxury hotel and spa are based in Newmarket, Suffolk. Offering a charming old world English vibe with modern comfort and style. This peaceful retreat is surrounded by 3 acres of secluded gardens, perfect for relaxing in the spa whilst looking out over the beautiful countryside.


Originally a Georgian hunting lodge built for the Sixth Duke of Bedford in the 18th century it was then converted into a hotel in the 1940s. Today Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa provide a blend with old and new, keeping the charm and charateristic of a country house. Blended with the modern luxury of a boutique hotel.

The Rooms

77 stylish boutique rooms offer guests extravagance and comfort. All of the rooms include use of the health and fitness club. The rooms come equipped with Molton Brown bathroom products, en suite bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities and a television.

Bedford Lodge Hotel Suffolk rooms - Enjoy the Adventure travel blog

Bedford Lodge Hotel Spa

The award winning spa comes equipped with an outdoor rooftop hot tub and a hydrotherapy pool. A thermal area with hammam table and Rasul room where you’ll be presented with a range of mud packs to apply and detoxify the body. The Spa Mezzanine is the perfect place to relax with a book and enjoy the tranquility of the spa.

The spa offers a whole host of relaxing treatments check out the full list here. The deeply relaxing lavender floatation treatments sounds absolutely incredible! The spa has a 5 bubble rating which means its pretty special. If you don’t know much about bubble ratings it means they have been reviewed by a team of spa experts. To get a 5 star rating shows it has spectacular facilities, amazing treatments and flawless customer service. Find more out about the how bubble rating works here.

Bedford Lodge Hotel Suffolk Spa - Enjoy the Adventure travel blog

Restaurant & Dining

The 2 AA Rosette Squires Restaurant provides a modern dining experience using high quality seasonal ingredients. The Roxana Bar serves light meals and snacks, head here on cold winter days to get cosy by the roaring fire. Afternoon Tea can be taken in Squires restaurant, Roxana Bar, or on the sun terrace overlooking the stunning lawns and rose gardens.

Places to visit nearby

  • Cambridge is a 30 min drive
  • Bury St Edmonds is a 22 min drive
  • Horse racing fans should check out Palace House Newmarket with attractions such as the National Horseracing museum and a National art gallery of British Sporting
  • Try out fly fishing at Earith Lakes Fisheries
  • For the adrenaline junkies check out Wild Tracks Activity Parks

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The Best Scuba Diving Locations in the World

November 14, 2017

Simply Scuba is one of the UK’s leading online scuba dive store stocking brands such as GoPro, SeaLife and Intova.  They also have a dive store located in Faversham, Kent. I’ve teamed up with them to create a list of some of the best locations to scuba dive in the world.

Simply Scuba Diving - Enjoy the Adventure

Raja Ampat – Indonesia

This site shouldn’t be missed, with its incredible coral garden and 374 different species of fish. Many scientists have said its the richest place for marine life on earth. Its a brilliant location to see Manta Rays, Sharks and Barracudas.

Good for: Large animals, small animals, underwater photography, visibility, and advanced divers

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

Sipadan island is located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Divers usually stay on neighbouring islands such as Mabul Island or Kapalai island and take a boat over to the Sipadan dive sites. This beautiful dive site has a high concentration of Barracuda and sea Turtles. Please note that there are occasionally strong sweeping currents.

Good for: Large animals, sea turtles

Thistlegorm – Egyptian Red Sea

A British armed merchant navy ship which was bombed by Germans in 1941. Whilst carrying a cargo of war supplies such as motorbikes, rifles, train carriages and trucks. This wreck is 131 metres long and is popular for night diving.

Good for: Wreck diving, night diving

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

This dive site in the Andaman sea is located 200km northwest of Phuket. Famous for whale shark sightings and also good for big schools of pelagic fish such as batfish, jacks and barracuda. It’s a superb spot for Macro photography with creatures such as ghost pipefish, seahorses and harlequin shrimp. Be aware currents in this area can be strong and you may need a few dives to see the whole area.

Good for: Large animals, small animals, underwater photography, dive value-for-money and advanced divers

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Blue Hole is located in the center of the 27 miles Lighthouse Reef, and roughly halfway between Northern Caye and Half Moon Caye. This very deep hole is outlined by coral reef, watch the enormous tuna and explore the stalagtites and stalagmites of ancient caverns.

Good for: Advanced divers, great visibility 

The Yongala – Queensland, Australia

Australia’s largest and most intact historic shipwreck, this luxury passenger ship sank in 1911 during a cyclone. The ships final resting place remained unknown for decades. It is now considered to be one of Australia’s best wreck dives. Expect to see lots of wildlife such as Turtles, Tiger Sharks, Manta Rays and Bull Sharks. Entry into the ship is forbidden to avoid corrosion due to air bubbles. There are often strong currents here so this site is recommended for advanced divers only.

Good for: Advanced divers, wreck diving


To capture the beauty of these amazing dive sites check out Simply Scuba’s underwater cameras.

Simply Scuba Diving - Enjoy the Adventure

Where’s the best places you’ve dived?

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* This post has been sponsored by Simply Scuba*