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#1 Zoo in Europe – Loro Parque Tenerife

May 3, 2017

On my recent trip to Tenerife me and my parents spent the day exploring Loro Parque situated in the north off the island. We started of the day with the discovery tour. Our friendly tour guide showed us round and explained all about the zoo. They work with many different projects to protect endangered species and to help protect the environment. Loro means Parrot in English and Loro Parque actually started off as a refuge for Parrots. They still have loads of parrots there and breed them there. The zoo previously won the Tripadvisor’s travellers choice for zoos and aquariums and came number 1 in Europe and 2nd in the world. The zoo is amazing and there’s so much to see and do!

Loro Parque Zoo Penguins - Enjoy the Adventure

On the tour we went to the Penguin enclosure its amazing you stand on a moving platform and can see them dive into the water. There’s also a machine to create snow falling from the ceiling.

Loro Parque Zoo Fish - Enjoy the Adventure

Loro Parque Zoo Flamingos - Enjoy the Adventure

For lunch we stopped off at Casa Pepe which serves Canarian specialities tapas-style. I would recommend the cheese with Mojo sauce for a starter. They also have a selection of meat dishes such as chicken skewers and a variety of sausages.

Animal shows

The shows are well worth seeing! Its amazing what the animals can do. I would recommend trying to see as many of the shows as possible. We missed the parrot show as we had to get back on the coach. Try and get to Loro Parque early as there’s so much to see there.

Loro Parque Zoo Whales Enjoy the Adventure

There are six Orca Whales at OrcaOcean who perform, even a deaf one who receives guidance through special hand and light signals. Bear in mind if you sit near the front you’ll get soaked.

Dolphins Loro Parque Enjoy the Adventure

The Dolphin show is brilliant and all of the shows give you information about the animals.

Sea Lions Loro Parque Zoo Enjoy the Adventure

My favourite show was the Sea Lion show. One of the sea lions wanted all the attention. Every time the trainer went to do something with the other sea lions it would jump down and get in the way.

Loro Parque entrance - Enjoy the Adventure

I loved this zoo there’s so much to see and the animals are treated well. It’s easy to see how the zoo has won so many awards. If I visit Tenerife again I’d love to go back as I didn’t get to see the bird show and could have spent longer exploring the zoo.

Loro Parque Tenerife - Enjoy the Adventure

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*Disclaimer – I was a guest at Loro Parque.*



Tracking my sleep with S+ by ResMed

April 14, 2017

Sleep tracker

I travel a lot and work shifts so I often struggle to get enough sleep. I have been trying out a sleep tracker called S+ by ResMed to see if it can help me get a better nights sleep. This is the worlds first non contact sleep tracking system. I’ve seen a lot of sleep tracking bracelets but I wouldn’t find wearing these comfortable at night. I’ve also tried using Jawbone to track my sleep but this isn’t very accurate. It tells me I’ve had 8 hours sleep even if I’ve woken up a few times in the night. This tracker has been a lot more accurate and provides me with a lot more information.

Sleep tracker Resmed

What it does

  • Measures light and temperature of room
  • Breakdown of light, REM and deep sleep
  • Offers tips on how to get a better nights sleep
  • Option to relax to sleep with calming sounds
  • Can use mind clear feature to write down any thoughts or to do lists that might keep you from falling asleep

Sleep tracker S+

How to use

  • Place tracker on bedside table facing your chest
  • Download the ResMed app
  • Connect phone to tracker with Bluetooth
  • The tracker has an extra USB socket to charge your phone so it doesn’t run of out battery during the night
  • Once plugged in a red light will appear on the tracker
  • Click on sleep button
  • Answer questions on how stressed you were in the day, caffeine intake, alcohol intake and exercise
  • Light on tracker will go off
  • Once awake click stop tracking then sync

S+ by Resmed sleep tracker

Every time you log your sleep the tracker will give you some personalised tips on how to improve next time.


I was able to see what days I got the most sleep which is always the days I have off work. My aim is to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at a similar time. The tracker shows it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep which is a long time. I’ll be trying some of the tips and avoiding going on my phone or laptop straight before bed as the light can have an affect on your sleep.

I did have a few issues with using the tracker. Twice during the night the light on the tracker and my phone came on waking me up. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the tracker or something going wrong with my phone. I normally turn my phone off when I go to sleep and my phones been playing up recently. It’s been fine the rest of the time so I’ll keep using it.

I have learnt a lot about my sleeping habits and this tracker is helping me to make sleep a priority. It makes such a difference to my day when I get a good nights sleep!

Sleep Tracker Resmed

Have you used a sleep tracker before?

*Disclaimer I was sent the S+ by ResMed to review*

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Los Antojitos Vegan Mexican Kitchen & Spice Set Giveaway

April 3, 2017

Los Antojitos Mexican Food

Los Antojitos is a Mexican Pop up catering company in Manchester specialising in Street Tacos and Multi-bean Chilli bowls. All produce is vegan and they also sell a range of hot sauces and fresh salsa.


Using organic ingredients, where possible. They use specialist ingredients imported from Mexico. Examples of these are the herbs Epazote and Mexican Oregano. All produce is 100% vegan and offer a range of gluten free options.

Kelly the founder of Los Antojitos answered a few questions for me:

Why did you start Los Antojitos?

I wanted to open a cafe or catering company that offers vegan food that is very allergen aware. I am often accidentally contaminated by products that contain cow’s milk, seafood or crustaceans and these make me seriously ill and sometimes hospitalise me due to serious allergies. I chose Mexican food as it automatically lends itself to fresh and tasty vegan food with all the salsas, guacamole’s and salads. We decided to make our own hot chilli sauces ourself to avoid contamination in factories of allergens but also to make sure that everything is freshly made from raw ingredients and we know exactly what is in everything. We have a sugar skull logo and everything is bright and vibrant. It allowed us an overall opportunity to create a strong, tasty, bright and colourful product and brand which is a little rock n roll and fun for people to engage with.

Whats your favourite Mexican dish?

A hand pressed corn taco with a filling such as BBQ Yucatecan seitan and cactus topped with our signature mango salsa. Hands down, no competition.

Favourite hot sauce?

Scotch bonnet sauce as it is hot hot hot but also sweet. Addictive

Favourite salsa?

Mango salsa – so sweet and spicy at the same time.

Here are some products I tried out.

Ugandan Scotch Bonnet Sauce

This is so tasty and very spicy. It tastes very fresh and is filled with natural ingredients. It’s great for adding to so many dishes I’ve tried this on chicken, salads, nachos and with enchiladas. You don’t need to use too much sauce as its so spicy. This is my favourite product out of the three as its so versatile.

Roasted Lime and Chili Salt

This is ideal for adding some flavour to dishes. I’ve been using this with chicken and it enhances the flavour with added spicyness.

Roasted Lime Salt

This product is great for margaritas. I’m thinking of having a Mexican themed evening with my friends for Cinco de Mayo on the 5th of May  Feasting on Mexican food and Margaritas!


I love Mexican food and enjoyed trying these products out. I think its great to try out and support new small brands. Even though I’m not a vegan I am trying to cut down on dairy as it makes me break out. So I enjoyed trying out some dairy free produce. If I’m ever in Manchester I will be visiting their market stall!


To win your own set of:

Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Roasted Lime Salt & Roasted Lime and Chili Salt

Retweet and follow me and Losantojitos

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Win Mexican spice set

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Ticketclever Student Saving Tips in London

March 15, 2017


When I went to uni it was a struggle to afford fun things like eating out, travelling and entertainment. I went to Portsmouth uni and can imagine its even more of a struggle being a student in London as it’s so expensive there. Below is a guide to 10 ways you can thrive in London on a budget. Being one of the most expensive cities in the world, I’m sure this guide will help lots of students out there grab some good discounts! My favourite saving tips are to check out the Sam Smith pubs as they are so cheap for London! Also getting a Tastecard is such a money saver getting you 2 for 1 meals at decent restaurants.

*In collaboration with ticketclever*


Thistle Hotel Trafalgar Square London Review

March 10, 2017

I love exploring London but have never actually stayed in a hotel in London before. Living fairly close to London I normally get a super busy train back home. So I was pretty excited to stay at the Thistle Hotel in Trafalgar Square. This was perfect for me as I didn’t have to try and plan leaving before or after rush hour and could get up early to explore London. Being located in Trafalgar Square it was the ideal location for exploring!

Thistle Trafalgar SquareThe Facilities

  • Personal safe in bedroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Robes and slippers
  • Towels
  • Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash & body lotion
  • Power shower
  • Option to book a room with a view of the London eye
  • Kettle, tea, coffee & bottle of water
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Work desk
  • Chair to relax in
  • Telephone
  • T.V
  • Wifi
Thistle Trafalgar Square

View from my room!

Things to do

  • Visit the National Gallery which is around the corner from hotel
  • Close to tube stations closest one is Charing Cross
  • Go see a show at the West End
  • Shop on Regent Street – 10 min walk from hotel
  • Visit China Town – 5 mins away
  • Explore St James Park – 10 mins away
Thistle Trafalgar Square

Desk and a personal welcome note which is a nice touch.

Thistle Trafalgar Square

Loved the smell of the toiletries!

Thistle Trafalgar Square

Thistle Trafalgar Square

Buffet breakfast served between 7.30 – 11

Overall opinion on the Hotel 

I had a great stay at this hotel my room had everything I needed. The view from my room was incredible. Also the location of the hotel is amazing being so close to west end theatres and shops. I ended up walking a lot rather than getting the tube as I was close to most places I wanted to go. It was surprisingly quiet at night I thought it might get quite noisy outside but I slept fine. Breakfast was pretty good they have a wide selection of food to choose from. I had a lovely time at this hotel and will hopefully come back and stay here again.

To book a night at Thistle Trafalgar Square click here

*Thank you to Thistle Trafalgar Square for hosting me during my stay in London*

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Taste of Thailand at Thaikhun Guildford

February 23, 2017

On Monday I visited the Thaikhun (pronounced tycoon) restaurant in Guildford. They serve Thai street food similar to that from Khao San road in Bangkok. I am a huge fan of Thai food and I absolutely love Thailand. I spent a month travelling around Thailand so stepping into Thaikhun reminded me of the fun I had on my travels.


The decor features rustic wooden floors and walls similar to the restaurants around Thailand. The interior is very eccentric with lots of Thai bric a brac around the room. I like how busy it looks reflecting the streets of Bangkok.

Taste of Thailand at the Thaikhun Restaurant Guildford


Me and my mum decided to try out the cocktails I went for the full moon which was fruity and sweet. My mum went for the Phi Phi Bellini. They also have the traditional Thai beers Chang and Singha.


We went for the deep fried Vegetable Spring Rolls which came with a chilli sauce. We also had the Chicken Satay which comes with peanut sauce, cucumber relish and toast. Both dishes are tasty I like the chicken satay best as anything that comes with peanut sauce is a winner.


I chose the Massaman curry as that’s one of my favourite Thai dishes. The curry is flavoured with cinnamon, potatoes, onion and cashew nuts. I really enjoyed this dish it’s rich and creamy and I would definitely have it again. My mum had the Geang Phed which is a sweet curry with pineapple and grapes.


I went for the Thai classic Mango Sticky Rice which is light and sweet perfect if you’re already quite full like I was. My mum had the Thai Bounty chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream, which she enjoyed.

I had a great time at Thaikhun the staff are super friendly checking everything is alright with the food and frequently topping up our glasses of water. The food is great I will definitely be back to try out some different cocktails and some of the noodle dishes.

To find your nearest Thaikhun click here

*Disclaimer the meal was complimentary in exchange for the review. All opinions remain my own*

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