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Breaking Bad Themed Cocktail Bar ABQ London

March 21, 2018

Pop up events in London are super popular and it’s even better when a pop up goes permanent, as it makes it a lot easier to get tickets. This is what happened with ABQ, they started out as a temporary pop up in 2015 and they’re now permanently based in the Hackney area. So, on Wednesday evening, I headed there for an evening of cooking cocktails in an RV – Breaking Bad style!

Upon arrival you get changed into a bright yellow lab coat. There’s also Goggle’s and masks available. They have around eleven cocktails to choose from. I went for the martini which you have to make in pairs, as six of us choose this we all made it together. They also have another cocktail which is a minimum of four people, the rest of them you can order by yourself. On Sunday’s you can make a Bloody Mary cocktail.

For my second cocktail I went for the ABQ breakfast which was a mixture of rice crispies, almond milk and kahlua. It also comes with a side of orange juice and vodka. You use the dry ice to infuse your drink with cinnamon.

I really enjoyed the experience, the RV was a lot of fun and the music was really good too! The cocktails weren’t the best that I’ve had but that’s probably because your making them yourself. It was fun making them though and seeing how everyone else’s cocktails were made. I loved mixing the cocktails with dry ice and creating the bubble foam for the top of the drinks.

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan then you’ll love this place! There were a few people there who hadn’t seen it so if you just love cocktails and want a fun night out then it’s worth a visit too!

Price – £32.50 gets you two hours in the RV which includes two cocktails and a welcome drink. I’d recommend booking a slot on their website as when we visited it was full.


ABQ London Breaking Bad Cocktails


455 Hackney road


E2 9DY

Nearest station: Cambridge Heath or Bethnal Green

*Thank you to Love Pop Ups London for arranging this event*


5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

February 28, 2018

1. Go to the cinema

Going to the cinema is the perfect rainy day activity, I recently visited an Everyman cinema which I really enjoyed. They have super comfy sofas and you can get food delivered to your seats. My boyfriend and I are planning on going to the cinema soon to see Black Panther as we’ve heard really good things about it.

2. Go out for Brunch

Going out to eat is my favourite thing to do! I’m obsessed with brunch, you can read more about my Bottomless Brunch at the Piano works here. It’s the perfect way to start your weekend and next up on my list of places to go for Brunch is the Breakfast Club as their pancakes look amazing!

3. Have a pamper evening

Pampering yourself is the best way to relax and unwind. Put on a face mask, paint your nails and relax for the evening. It’s important to have some ‘me’ time every now and again. My favourite face mask at the moment is GlamGlow, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly and I highly recommend it.

4. Play games online 

When I’m bored I enjoy playing games on my phone, it’s a fun and easy way to pass the time. If you’re feeling lucky check out Daisy Bingo. Boomtown Bingo have a range of sites which have a no deposit offer, meaning you can play bingo for free for a chance to win some real cash. Sit yourself on the sofa, put on a good TV show and try your luck at winning at bingo for free.

5. Go Shopping

Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? I love going shopping and trying on loads of clothes or treating yourself to something you’ve wanted for ages. I’m going to Mexico soon so I’m currently on the lookout for some new summer clothes.

What are your favourite rainy day activites?

*Disclaimer – this post is sponsored but all opinions remain my own*


My All Time Favourite TV Shows

February 21, 2018

As the weather outside is terrible I’ve been making the most of cosy nights in binge watching my favourite tv shows. I love coming home, getting into my pjs, making a hot chocolate and turning on the tv. This experience can be made even better with a huge flat screen tv such as the smart tv panasonic.

Here are some of my favourite tv shows:

Game of Thrones

I was so late to the bandwagon for this show, I’d heard so many good things about game of thrones so finally decided to watch it myself and I absolutely loved it. It’s set in the mythical continent of Westeros where several families fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms. As conflict erupts in the kingdoms an ancient enemy rises once again to threaten them all. The characters, cast and scenery are all amazing, you never know what’s going to happen next. There are plenty of plot twists and they aren’t afraid to kill of some really big characters. I literally can’t wait for the next season to start!

Breaking Bad

It took me a few episodes to get into this but now I’m hooked. Its based on a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White) who’s been diagnosed with lung cancer, he then turns to manufacturing and selling meth in order to make money for his family. It focuses a lot on Walter Whites family and his brother in law who works for the drug enforcement administration.

The Walking Dead

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive. People are turning into zombies and try to kill anyone who’s alive. This show is incredible there’s so much action and you get to know the characters really well. The new season is about to start soon!


I’m a huge fan of thrillers so Dexter was right up my street. It’s based on a man named Dexter who by day works as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Police and by night he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers.

Prison Break

I really enjoyed watching Prison Break, the plot and storyline are great. The first two series were really good but it went a bit downhill after that. In this show an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who tries to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside.

Impractical Jokers

This show is hilarious and I’ve been to see their live comedy show in London. In the show four friends go out in public and dare each other to say or do embarrassing things. If they don’t complete the tasks they then lose and are made to take part in an outrageous challenge.

What are your favourite TV shows?

*This post is sponsored but all opinions remain my own*

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Faulty Towers Dining Experience

February 10, 2018

Fawlty Towers is an iconic British comedy, it was broadcast on BBC Two in 1975 and 1979 and only ran for two series but it still managed to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The plot centres on an angry Hotel owner Basil Fawlty, his bossy wife Sybil and a useless Spanish waiter with little knowledge of English.

The show

The show started at 7.30 but we arrived around 7 and went to the bar first. We then entered the reception area at 7.30 where Manuel, Basil and his wife joined us.

Immediately Basil started giving Manuel orders which he didn’t understand, which happened throughout most the evening. He was told to pass the nuts around and started throwing them around the room.

Then main show takes place in the dining room and you are given a table number, you will be seated with around 9 or 10 other people.

The show was really funny, there was so many comic moments. They use a mix of classic routines similar to the show and improvisations, getting members of the audience involved in the show. Manuel was my favourite, at one point he stood on a table and started singing.

There were some parts of the evening were there wasn’t much going on, so people were just chatting amongst their tables. However most of the evening was full of chaotic slapstick comedy and if your a Fawlty Towers fan then you should definitely book tickets!

The food

The main part of the experience is the show but the food wasn’t bad. To start we had soup, for main chicken and potato and then cheesecake to finish. The vegetarians were served risotto.


9-13, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bloomsbury St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3QD

Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road

Purchase your London tickets here

The show is run in other locations around the UK and Australia

*Thanks to Love Pop Ups London & Faulty Towers Dining Experience for inviting me*

London UK

Afternoon Tea & Spa Experience At K West Hotel London

December 6, 2017

The run up to Christmas can get pretty hectic! Making sure you’ve bought everyone presents, attending parties and figuring out how much food you need for everyone on Christmas Day. That is why a bit of pampering and relaxation before Christmas is perfect. I was lucky enough to experience this at the K West Hotel and Spa.

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea London

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea LondonGlam Rock Afternoon Tea

We started off with the T Rex tea which had a bold smoky flavour, served in fabulous shiny pink mugs. They have a range of other teas you can choose from if you want something more subtle or floral. We were also offered a glass of prosecco and I’m never going to turn down prosecco.

This afternoon tea was so different to any other I’ve had before, not the typical mini sandwiches and standard range of cakes. The presentation was also on point, everything was very Instagrammable. We started off with a few savoury treats such as mini beef burgers and avocado, red pepper and mozzarella sandwiches.

Then we moved onto the array of sweet treats such as delicate macaroons, mini bauble style glasses with strawberry and watermelon slushie which was very refreshing. We also had tangy sorbet cones, I enjoyed the fruity one but I wasn’t as keen on the one with sprinkles as it was a bit too sweet. The scones were tasty and served with a decent amount of jam and clotted cream.

The highlight of the sweet treats were the white chocolate mini cheesecake bowls, they were heavenly. I need to go back to have these again!

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea LondonThe Hotel

The hotel was formerly the BBC Recording Studio Kensington House in the 70s and 80s. Famous musicians such as Bowie, The Kinks and Bob Marley have all been here. The interior has been influenced by it’s musical heritage, the library where we had afternoon tea was very vibrant and decorated with rock’n’roll memorabilia and Warhol style art.

The Spa

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea London

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea London

After finishing the afternoon tea we headed down to the spa for some girly pampering time. After filling in a short consultation form, I headed into the treatment room for a relaxing facial. They used luxurious hydrating oils to moisturise my skin as its been pretty dry recently. The treatment was a great time to relax and unwind plus the oils made my skin glow.

Then I got a chance to use the Spa Meadow room where we were handed eye protectors and then we laid down onto the soft sunken bed. Beams of lights are then dispensed from the ceiling and the room heats up.  If you suffer with SAD or need a vitamin D boost like most people living in England, then this room is definitely for you.

The spa had everything you could need, a sauna, steam room, foot bath and hydrotherapy pool. In the changing rooms they even have a swimming costume drying pod, this was so handy. They also have a snow paradise room but unfortunately when we went it wasn’t working.

I had such a good evening and left the spa feeling truly pampered and super relaxed.

K West Hotel & Spa Afternoon tea London


Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

Nearest tube: Shepherds Bush

What’s nearby

Westfield Shopping Centre – 8 min walk

O2 Shepherds Bush – 10 min walk

Notting Hill – 20 min walk


Prices for the afternoon tea start from £28.50 per person

Guests of the hotel can use the spa facilities for £20 per person, for more info on the spa prices click here

You can also book treatments with Spa Seekers

*I was a guest of K West Spa but all opinions remain my own*


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Boozy Bloggers Brunch with The Avenue Cookery School

October 27, 2017


Recently I attended a brunch cooking class with fellow bloggers and Avenue Cookery School. We cooked eggs benedict, soda bread and had an endless supply of bloody Mary’s.

We had been spoilt with the amazing brands that were involved. Brands such as Pips organic who’s orange juice is delicious and Truffle Hunter truffle oil which tastes great drizzled over pasta or meats. What breakfast is complete without a good cuppa tea from TeaPigs.

Avenue Cookery School Brunch London - Enjoy the Adventure BlogOn arrival I was greeted with a delicious bloody Mary served with celery, this had been made with Big Tom’s spiced tomato mix and Absolut Vodka.

Cooking Brunch

So we started out making a soda bread which was really easy to make and only took a few minutes to complete. We then moved onto making the hollandaise sauce, our sauce did become a bit of a scrambled mess but luckily the chef Richard was there to fix it. To make the sauce you need 2 egg yolks, we used Clarence Court eggs and a spoonful of Belazu Chardonnay Vinegar.

We then poached the eggs, I’m pretty impressed with how ours turned out. Whenever I used to cook them at home, there would always be so much egg white left in the pan. The trick is to crack the egg onto a plate first and get rid of any of the white which is too liquidy. You then boil the water, reduce the heat and swirl the water. Allowing the bubbles to disperse and just as the water stops spinning carefully add the egg.

Avenue Cookery School Brunch London - Enjoy the Adventure BlogMy favourite part of the morning was eating our creations, everyone’s dishes looked fab! We all had the option of using salmon or Denhay bacon, I couldn’t resist the bacon and it was slightly crispy which I love! On the way out we were each handed an amazing goodie bag filled with a selection of treats such as muffins, brownies, oil, bacon and eggs. Thanks so much to the Avenue Cookery School for hosting this brilliant event! The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, I’d definitely recommend checking out their cookery classes.

Avenue Cookery School Brunch Cake London - Enjoy the Adventure BlogCan you believe the photo above is actually a cake!? It was very tasty too, although was strange to eat as you expect to be biting into an egg then get a sweet sugary taste.

How to get here

Avenue Cookery is located in Wandsworth, the nearest station is Wansworth Town, address below:

3 Enterprise Way
SW18 1FZ

Book your own Sunday Brunch Club here 

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