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Giggling Squid Thai Restaurant Review, Guildford

June 5, 2017

The other week me and Sam went to Giggling Squid in Guildford to try out their evening menu. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated quickly and offered drinks promptly. Sam ordered a Chang which is a popular beer in Thailand and I went for a Merlot red wine. We ordered some prawn crackers as we made our menu choices. You get a large portion and it comes with a sweet chilli sauce which was delicious although I ended up spilling it everywhere. I’m such a messy eater!

There’s such a lot of dishes to choose from but I opted for the Sleeping honey duck with orange salad. I asked for it without the skin as I find it a bit too fatty. The duck is served sizzling at your table and comes with a special honey glaze sauce. Served on a bed of cabbage with cashew nuts and crispy fired shallots. It also comes with an orange salad side dish which includes lettuce, tomatoes and red onion. I loved this dish the duck went so well with the honey glaze. The duck was cooked perfectly and complimented the orange salad. I’ll definitely be back to have this dish again!

Sam went for the Paneang curry and sticky rice this is a red curry thickened with coconut milk. This was also delicious and came with plenty of sauce.

Giggling squid have recently launched a child friendly menu called ‘Little Tapas for Little People’ For just £5.95 kids get to choose two dishes from a range of Giggling Squid favourites. Including mild curries, noodle and rish dishes. Unlimited plain or sticky rice is available upon request. For an additional £2 kids can enjoy a roti served with a dash of condensed milk and a sprinkling of sugar or two scoops of ice cream.

The food was delicious, the waiters were friendly and service was quick. Giggling squid is a must for any Thai food fans.


I went to the Guildford branch, they also have other branches across the UK to find your nearest click here.

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*Complimentary meal provided for review purposes*


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East London Liquor Company Gin Tour & Tasting

May 25, 2017

Last week I headed to the East London Liquor company for a fun Gin tasting event. The event was in collaboration with UNiDAYS and Virgin Experience Days. Keep reading for a 20% off discount code for Virgin Experience Days at the bottom of this post!

Gin Tasting

I’ve been wine tasting before but never been in a distillery for gin tasting so this was pretty exciting. Alex our host took me and the other bloggers down to the cellar. Going down the stairs you’re hit with a super strong smell of alcohol! The cellar was full with ageing whisky casks, we each took a seat at the bar and our first tasting drink was vodka. I’m not a huge vodka fan so didn’t enjoy this that much and definitely felt the burning sensation you get when you drink strong spirits.

We then moved onto my favourite part the London dry gins! Alex told us information on the spirits and some of the ingredients. The ingredients included juniper, lavender and cardamom and many more. We passed some of the ingredients around the room to smell. You could smell the juniper in the gins that we tasted. I enjoyed tasting the gins as they had a botanical fruity taste to them. Gin Batch No.1 had pink grapefruit peel and Darjeeling tea this gin in it and would be great in a gin sour cocktail. The London dry gin was my fave! It has a fresh taste with flavours of citrus making it perfect for a gin and tonic. The last spirit we tried was a navy strength rum. Navy strength is a rum with over 57% alcohol, the alcohol was made strong to make it gunpowder proof. By the end of the tasting we were getting used to the spirits so didn’t feel the burn as much. We then headed back upstairs for a cheeky gin and tonic.

I had a great time at this event and this experience would be a great present for any gin lovers!

What’s included

  • A visit to a trendy London distillery
  • A gin and tonic
  • Several tastings, including East London Liquor Company’s British Wheat vodka and rum, as well as three world gins
  • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card


UNiDAYS is a discount website and app for students. When I was a student I used it a lot for discount on clothes such as on Missguided and ASOS. They also have a lot of great discounts for restaurants. It’s quick and free to sign up, you can check out there website here.

App store Apple

App store Google

Discount Code

Below is a code for students to get 20% off Virgin Experience days. They have so many amazing days out with plenty of things to do in London. They have the view from the shard, afternoon tea and up at the O2 experience.

Click here for 20% off

Getting here

The East London Liquor company is located in Bow Wharf in an old glue factory.

It’s a 13 minute walk from Mile end tube station.

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*In collaboration with UNiDAYS & Virgin Experience Days*



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See Your City Harry Potter London Walking Tour

May 23, 2017

The Walking Tour

I love walking tours and Harry Potter so thought I’d try out the See your City Harry Potter walking tour in London. We started the walking tour outside the Palace theatre where they are currently showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’d love to see this but its super expensive and is selling out really fast!

See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureOur tour guide came round with a hat and asked everyone to pick out a card to allocate which house they would be in. We then were asked Harry Potter questions throughout the day to see which house would win. I was in the Slytherin house but we didn’t get many points.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureWe then set off exploring the filming locations in London.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureSee your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureMagic Money – Harry Potter notes.See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the Adventure

See your city - Harry Potter Tour - Enjoy the AdventureThe tour ended at Kings Cross Station where you can get your photo taken outside platform 9 3/4 but there was a massive queue and I didn’t want to wait an hour. I’ll try go back early one morning when the queues less busy.

I really enjoyed the walking tour, our guide was very knowledgeable and funny!

Tour Times

Departs at : Tues & Fri @ 2pm, Sat – Sun @ 10:30am & 2pm

This tour lasts 2 hours.

There was a stop on the tube so make sure you bring your Oyster card or contactless card.

See your city have a bunch of other walking tours which all look pretty good such as a ghost walking tour and a coffee tour.

Check out the walking tours here –

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Arthur Hooper’s Restaurant & Wine Bar London

May 17, 2017

“Arthur Hooper’s is a stylish restaurant in a vibrant London Bridge neighbourhood, overlooking Borough Market. We infused the spirit of the area’s tradition that allows visitors to easily sample fresh food from local suppliers and wine from all over the world.”

Last month I attended the launch day for Arthur Hooper’s Restaurant to try out some of their dishes. The restaurant offers a selection of seasonally inspired small plates, meats and cheeses, perfectly paired with a diverse wine list. Arthur Hooper was an enigmatic fruit and vegetable salesman who once occupied the building. The recently derelict building’s historical ties to the local community and food have now been restored. Food is sourced from local suppliers such as Neal’s Yard and Cannon & Cannon.

Check out the menu here

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarThe rough jewel box interior and Victorian structures has been exclusively handcrafted and designed by Buster + Punch and some of the lighting is from Delta Light. Designed as a contemporary homage to Victorian steel structures and cobbled pavements.  The interior has been crafted with steel caged light fittings, hexagonal concrete flooring and tailored rare-wood cabinetry.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarI went for the Rioja Rosado Rose wine which was fruity and sweet and went well with the savoury food. Sam had the house red wine which was strong and rich.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarI went for the Lamb and Bulgur Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Yogurt. The tomato sauce was rich which complimented the creamy yogurt. The sauce went well with the focaccia bread.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine BarSam ordered the Red Wine and Porcini Braised Sausages with Sage Breadcrumbs. This dish was very tasty but not as good as the meatballs.

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine Bar

Arthur Hoopers Restaurant & Wine Bar

Arthur Hoopers overlooks London Borough market and is a 2 minute walk from London Bridge tube station.

Book a table here

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Days Out Theatre UK

Motown The Musical – Review

May 14, 2017

Last week I went to Shaftesbury theatre to see Motown the musical! I went with my mum and we had great seats in the Royal circle. We went to the 7.30 pm show which is available Monday to Saturday. On Thursdays and Saturdays they have a matinee at 2.30 pm.

Motown Musical London - Enjoy the Adventure

The Story

The show is about Berry Gordy who founded Motown records launching the career of Diana Ross and the supremes, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Temptations and many others. The show explains the struggles of starting Motown records and the romance and rocky relationship between Berry Gordy and Diana Ross. The musical touches on racial and political issues of the time which impacted Motown music being played on the radio. The story line is good but the show is focused more on the music.

Motown Musical London - Enjoy the Adventure


The show has over 50 Motown hits with songs such as  “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Diana Ross, “Do You Love Me” – The Contours, “I Want You Back” – Jackson Five, “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

The first few songs were a bit too loud and pitchy but after that it sounded amazing. The choreography was also spectacular. The boy who played little Michael Jackson had an amazing singing voice! Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson were also brilliant.

Motown the musical London - Enjoy the Adventure blogBefore heading to the theatre we went to Cafe Mode which was a few minutes walk from Shaftesbury Theatre. The restaurant has an evening meal set menu with 2 courses and a glass of prosecco for £14.99.   I started off with bruschetta and my mum had bread and olives. For my main I had carbonara which was really creamy and tasty. My mum had the mushroom risotta which was also really nice!

Cafe Mode London - Enjoy the Adventure blog

You can book Motown the musical here until the 24th of February 2018

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*Disclaimer I received tickets in exchange for a review*



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Leightons Opticians Ultimate Eye Examination

May 7, 2017

Last month I got to test out the Ultimate Eye Examination which includes unique Retinal Photography and an OCT scan – providing 3D views of the retina and the ability to detect serious eye conditions up to 5 years earlier than a normal test. As I work at a computer a lot, it’s important to go for regular eye tests to make sure I’m not straining my eyes.

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

The test detects

  • Your vision to see if correction is needed with glasses or contact lenses
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma and other eye conditions
  • Health issues such as diabetes

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

The eye examination

All the staff at Leightons were very friendly, Anne the Optometrist who carried out my eye examination, was really helpful and informative. The eye test starts with a few questions about your eye health, then you start reading letters from a screen whilst wearing a pair of glasses. Different lenses are inserted into the glasses to see which lens will benefit your eyes. After this, the OCT test will begin, where you rest your chin on the machine above and look into the lens. You then look at a green dot and at the end a photo is taken of the eye.

The test can detect serious eye conditions 5 years before most other eye exams. If you have a lot of eye problems or glaucoma runs in the family this test would be ideal for you. Anne showed me the photo taken of my eye and explained how they detect serious eye conditions. Luckily my test results were good and I didn’t have any serious eye conditions. It did show that I have an astigmatism which means my eyes aren’t perfectly round – this can make it difficult to focus on small writing. I have glasses which I wear for reading and working on the computer. My prescription for this test was slightly higher than the one I had over a year ago so I’ll be buying some new reading glasses.

Leightons eye examination - Enjoy the Adventure

With summer coming up, Leightons offer a range of sunglasses. Sunglasses with full UV protection work towards keeping your eyes healthy by preventing the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. They dramatically reduce the amount of ultraviolet that enters your eyes.

Check out Leightons Opticians here.

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*Disclaimer – I was invited to try the examination in exchange for a review*