How To Make Money Online

March 8, 2018

Affiliate Marketing

If done right affiliate marketing can help you make a decent income. To do affiliate marketing you will need to set up a blog or website. Have a look around for top affiliate sites such as Amazon. Then all you need to do is insert links to products from your chosen affiliate. You then get paid a certain percentage when people click through to that product and buy it. To earn money from this you will have to have a high number of page views or write about a particular niche subject.


If you have a blog then doing sponsored posts are a good way to earn some money. Once you’ve set up your blog it can take a while before you start getting sponsored post opportunities. A lot of companies will want to work with if you have a high Domain Authority. Check out these 5 steps to getting a higher DA score.

Selling on eBay

Selling your old clothes, watches or jewellery can help you earn a bit of extra cash and help to declutter your house. Once your item sells you’ll be paid into Paypal. You should make sure you post the item on time so you can get good feedback for your eBay account.


There are plenty of websites such as Freelancer where you can get paid to write content. You set up an account with hourly rates and can browse projects that have been posted. You then pitch to that company or person with how much you charge. The only issue with these sites are that there’s so much competition. Lot’s of people use the site and are willing to work for low fees, meaning it can be hard to get a decent fee.

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