British Leeks Carbonara Recipe

February 7, 2017

I have teamed up with the British Leeks Growers Association to try out one of the recipes on their website. They support British farmers who grow leeks and I love supporting and buying local British produce. I also really like Leeks but I don’t normally cook them apart from occasionally in casseroles. So I was excited to create a recipe, this is what I chose:

Larkin Cen’s Lemony Chicken, Leek and Pancetta Spaghetti Carbonara

Chicken & Leek Carbonara & Wine

You can find the recipe here:

The recipe is really easy to follow and I’m happy with how it turned out. I wouldn’t normally think about adding leek to carbonara but it added a nice flavour. Similar to an onion but much more delicate. The pancetta and parmesan also made this dish very tasty. However if I was going to make this again I would add more cream as I like lots of sauce on my pasta.

Chicken & Leeks Carbonara

I will definitely be making some more dishes with leeks such as quiches, risotto and casseroles.

Check out some other recipes here:

Chicken & Leek Carbonara

Leeks are super healthy helping to stabilise blood sugar, reduce bad cholesterol and helps with effective kidney function.

*British Leek Growers Association kindly sent me the ingredients and a bottle of wine to make this recipe*

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