Mr Lee’s Noodles Review – Gluten Free Lunch On The Go

March 24, 2017

Mr Lee’s Noodles Review

Mr Lee’s is a gluten free instant noodle brand that are low in calories, salt and sugar. Most instant noodles are dehydrated but these ones are freeze dried. This makes a huge difference to the taste and nutrition. These noodles are great for taking with you to work for a super quick lunch. I’m trying to eat healthier but don’t always have time to prepare lunch for work so these are great to grab in the morning and take with me.

Mr Lee's noodles

Mr Lee's noodlesHealthy

  • Low in salt & sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Low in saturated fats
  • All under 250 calories
Mr Lee's noodles

Tip – Give the noodles a good stir as most of the seasoning is at the bottom & if you want a bit of extra flavour add some soy sauce

Mr Lee's noodles


Hong Kong Street Beef – Filled with tender beef, ginger and broccoli. This one is very flavoursome and it’s not too spicy. I was surprised at the quality of beef normally with cup noodles the quality’s not great. This is definitely my favourite one! – 236 calories

The Tai Chi Chicken – Chicken, green beans and corn with no added spice. I liked this one and would have it again. – 235 calories

Shalin Monk Vegetables – Brocolli, cauliflower, red peppers and green beans. This flavour is good for vegetarians but I didn’t think it was as tasty as the other varieties. You can add a bit of soy sauce to this one for a bit more flavour. – 226 calories

Warrior Fighting Shrimp – Shrimp, paprika, chilli and seaweed. I’m not a massive seafood fan so I took the shrimp out haha. It was also too spicy for me so I wouldn’t have this one again. – 219 calories

Dragon Fire Mushroom – Blazing hot noodles with mushrooms paprika and chili. I can’t deal with very spicy things so this one was too hot for me. Although I did enjoy the mushrooms. – 215 calories

Penang Chicken Curry Laska – Chicken, coconut cream, chili and ginger. This one is full of flavour and not too spicy. This flavour is my second favourite I’ll be having this one again. – 237 calories

Have you tried any of Mr Lee’s Noodles? Check out their products here.

*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent these noodles to review*

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    I’ve never tried this brand before. How yummy! Thanks for the great post.

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